November 30, 2009

Put Out An All Points Bulletin.....

I am still alive!!!! Here are two projects I have been able to squeeze out during a busy semester!
Blogger finally let me download my photos. Here is my tree skirt. I need to put a hole in the middle and then it will be ready!!! Blogger won't let me move my one pictures, so we will roll with it!!!

Here are my writst warmers. I still need to clean up all of the strings on them. I love them!! I got the idea from Lucy's website. I crocheted them and they are a CINCH. Consider trying them!

November 12, 2009

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You........

I have a bunch of projects in the works.

  • Baby Doll Clothes for my niece
  • Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Two Stockings for the fireplace
  • Baby items for a friend
  • Altering of some tops
  • AND maybe some clothes on winter break between the semesters

Wish me luck. I should have some photos in the next few weeks!!

November 3, 2009

I HAVE to have this!!!!!

This is a belt out of Anthropolgie's catalog for November 2009. I LOVE bears - black bears and grizzly bears especially. I have asked my husband for a grizzly bear (a real one - for some reason he says no!!). The model is wearing another animal belt around a dress and sweater. I am obsessing over this look. I let a little scream out when I saw it. Let's cross our fingers and hope that maybe Mr. Bear Belt will show up under my Christmas tree this year!!
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