May 25, 2010

The Journey toward completion begins.....

Tomorrow I start my internship for the completion of my Master's Degree. I am excited and really nervous. This means a little less time to sew now, but I am determined to get a little time in each weekend. I keep reminding myself that I am about to do start a career that fits me so well. I think it is the student that is still inside me saying "Hope you know what you are doing and are you sure you are ready for this?". I just need to silence the doubt and prepare to learn. What other time in my life am I allowed to make mistakes?? Being a student does have it's benefits. Wish me luck!!!

May 12, 2010

$1.00 Sale and more

I am really needing to get this fabric out of my house!! I have marked down all my fat quarters for $1.00 and many of the other fabrics have been brought down as well. Take a peek at my Etsy shop and see if any of the fabrics strike your fancy!!

Caution: This blog is addicting

Well, I don't mean mine, but maybe I should!! Anyway - here is a blog that I am LOVING. Warning: You may lose hours on this site, but it is HILARIOUS!! I may be behind a bit from what others have already seen, but if you haven't - you are missing out!

Take a peek:

My Parents Were Awesome

No emails yelling at me - I warned you!! I had to set a time limit each day to look at the site just so I can get other productive items done!!


I made this block recently for a block swap that I am in. The theme was Growth and I instantly thought of gardens and paths. This block by no means is my own creation, I just started making a zig zap block and turned one of the zig zags upside down. I am sure there are a million more like this out there. I did decide to make this block this way to show how I saw growth. The green reminded me of garden paths and the blue reminded me of little garden patches. I wanted to do a more abstract block than a literal. Not so bad for a novice quilter. When I say novice, I mean, I have yet to completely lay out blocks to make a quilt, but I am on my way with a couple of quilts right now. I will get there eventually!! Off to finish some gifts for my mom and to hopefully start on a shirt for my OYW challenge.

May 10, 2010

Bike Basket and Gift for Mom

I have been getting some sewing done!! Now that my last final was taken tonight, I am free of night classes. Yea! Just an internship and one last paper to go this summer and then I am done. I have a red cruiser bike and it came with a brown basket. I wasn't so cool with the basket, and felt it needed something. I added these two fabrics which are favorites of mine!! Cute huh? You can see more of the basket at my flickr site!

You can also see a gift for my mom I am working on at my flickr site. I don't want to post it on here in case she decides to peek.

Still working on some new projects and one more project for my mom. I am hoping to post a few more projects this weekend.

May 3, 2010

Join me, won't you???

Won't you join me?? Head over to Chickpea Sewing Studio to find out how to refresh yourself and your sewing. There are times when you have so much sewing or maybe you are sewing for SO many others, you start to get tired or burnt out. Not that we don't love sewing for others, it is what makes giving gifts fun. However, we can get tired or burnt out.

I have recently hit this wall. When I actually get started, I remember how much I love it. I just need the initial boost to get me going. This group might be of assistance if you feel the same way. Head over and see if you are interested in this challenge.

It is my first 12 step program. Well, and hopefully my only :)

May 2, 2010

Flirty Apron Swap

I completed my apron this weekend and I am finally getting around to posting the photos. I have a quilt block to share with you tomorrow. My partner liked green, yellow, purple and blue, and I was able to find the fabrics at one of my local favorite fabric stores. Every shade but blue in it! Not bad if I say so myself. The theme was polka dots and I used the green fabric as the polka dot portion. The pattern in the Lily Apron and it was a breeze to make. This was my first one from the pattern. I would say even if you are a beginner, the directions are very clear and the diagrams are helpful. Off to bed! Be back soon to share my quilt block with you soon!
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