May 30, 2008


After such a tough week around here, I thought it might be fun to do something that would brighten my weekend. What a better way to kick off the weekend than learning more about my friends. When I have tough weeks, I recall a compliment that was given to me back when I was in college. I was speaking with a man who I respected so very much professionally and personally and he shocked me by saying something that has stayed with me always.

He said, " Do you know who you remind me of? Gilda Radner. You are that funny!"

What a compliment. Gilda Radner! Are you kidding me?? Love it! When I feel like I can't do another thing or I am too scared - I remind myself - "I wonder what Gilda would have said?" So - let's keep the fun going and make my weekend better -

WHAT WAS THE BEST COMPLIMENT YOU EVER RECEIVED ABOUT ANYTHING?? (could be you, your cooking, your crafts - anything!!!)

May 29, 2008

A Day Of Surprises!!!!

The husband and I have had quite a week of tough decisions to make and conflicting work hours, which adds strain. So, we were in need of some happiness and uplifting thoughts in our house. I got those thoughts today. I got home from work tonight - after working all day at JoAnn and then heading to the second job - so tired and worn out! To my delight, two packages were sitting on the table for me. One I expected, the other I did not. The first surprise was the from my most wonderful and dear friend Val - from Yarni Gras! When I first met Val online, I stalked and admired an apron she had so smartly crafted out of a skirt from Target. Well, to my delight, I received that apron from her as a surprise tonight. Talk about improving my week and weekend. It was the perfect gift and something so needed, that it has made the week turn from yucky to awesome. Here I am smiling so big in the picture - even my cat likes it:

Then I opened the next package on my table, and it was the sock monster I couldn't wait to receive. Remember how I was the Jr Grand Champion for the Crafters for Obama contest? If not, take a look at my shirt, I am quite proud of my entry! Well, I won a sock monster created by the oh so talented F. Pea. She is amazing. Look at my monster and sticker I received:

I don't know what I am going to name him yet, but the name should have something to do with Obama - at least I think so!!!

As you can tell, I had a fantastic evening coming home. I am behind on a couple of my swaps due this weekend, so I hope to get all caught up by Sunday!! I will keep you posted!

May 27, 2008

Amy Butler Tunic, Part One

My friend Sabrina and I met together at the Richland Sewing Center and started our first session of two making the Amy Butler Anna Tunic. Visit Amy Butler's page, you can order some FANTASTIC patterns and even offers some patterns for free that you can download. I can't wait to see what it looks like next Tuesday. Here is how far I got today. It may not look like much, but trust me, it was a lot of work. The body of the tunic will be dropped down lower once I get the yoke (the round part of the top) added next week! I also got to use a serger today for the first time ever. I always thought that a serger would be useless, but after today, I have discovered what a joy sergers are. Might have to add one to the Christmas list!!!

May 25, 2008

Organized And Ready To Sew

Organization Complete!!! My craft room was a nightmare! I had been piling up stuff for about the last 10 days - with going out of town and working at JoAnn - I haven't spent the time I am used to in that room.

As you can tell with the metal racks, I added my fabric out on the rack instead of housing three containers on that shelf like I had before. I wonder if anyone else is like me..... you have had fabric for about 8 to 10 years and the only way to really use it up is to have the fabric out where it can be seen. I found some fabrics I forgot I had - and those fabrics will go well with some of the projects I am working on too! I have some old projects (will I ever finish them?) and cut out squares for a t-shirt quilt in one of the bottom containers. I have tiny scraps in another container on the bottom, and the bottom drawer on my desk has vinyl, tulle, and felt. Funny!

On a side note..... see the yellow bowl in the second picture? I started using the bowl for my scrap threads and trash like Rachael Ray does on her cooking show for her trash! I love just throwing things in the bowl and throwing everything out at the end of the day!

Now I am off to sew!

We interrupt this sewing to bring you an important message....

I spent hours today cleaning up my craft room. Weeks of working on projects, organizing fabrics, and laying out swap items finally caught up with me. I didn't get to sew like I had hoped for today, but organization is a MUST if I am to complete any projects. I can't work in a mess! It stifles my creativity. So - tonight the Husband and I made some sundaes and enjoyed each other's company for awhile. He hung out with me on the computer and reading while I cleaned up my space. We have both been working so much lately that we seem to pass in the night!!! The quality time together was enjoyable and a highlight for the week. The husband had vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce on his sundae. The sundae disappeared before I could get a picture - imagine that!!!! I enjoyed chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate fudge, peanut butter sauce, and I cut up a peanut butter cup for extra topping. Yum! I just needed whip cream and a cherry on top for perfection. Hope your memorial weekend is great - and hopefully you'll see some photos of sewing progress tomorrow or Monday!

May 22, 2008

Apron Angels and Donkeys

While I am busy working at JoAnn like a crazy and won't be crafting until this weekend - check out two things you can do to help fellow crafters!

My dear, sweet friend Lucy is asking for help from apron lovers abroad. Her community was recently hit by a tornado and wreaked a TON of havoc. She is asking for women to make and mail her some aprons to hand out to the victims of the tornado. She said their basic needs are being met, but what happiness aprons are bringing to those who have been affected by the tornadoes. Check out more information here - if you would like to help!

My other sweet friend, Valerie, told me about another great cause collecting aprons. Check out Donkey Dreams. She is collecting aprons to sell for a fund raiser to help support therapy using donkeys. These donkeys are used to help autistic children and more. Take a look and see if you can schedule some time to make an apron to donate to her organization!

Thanks for your help!

May 21, 2008

Precious: My First Dotee Doll

I received my first ever Dotee Doll. What a great way to use up some fabric scraps you have around. The swap I participated in was the "Favorite Book Character Dotee Doll Swap". You have to make a Dotee based on your favorite book character and then send the doll to your partner. My partner, Penny, made Precious:

Isn't she too cute? I love her. She is Precious Ramotswe - from the #1 Ladies' Detective Agency. She is a lady detective in Botswana. I am going to have to try these books out. Penny's favorite in the series is: The Kalahari Typing School for men. If you are interested, the author is listed as Alexander McCall Smith. Enjoy!

Craft Apron Madness

Cathy finally received her apron that I made her for posting about my dress form contest on her blog. Here is what Cathy's turned out like:

To thank my best friend for her awesome cowboy apron she made me a couple of months ago, I made her a craft apron too. Her apron is the pink and green one on the top. My friends made the other two for themselves from the Craft Apple Seamstress Apron. Here is what Sarah's apron looked like:

I still have two seamstress aprons to complete as gifts for some friends. I hope to post those in the next week or two. Keep checking in!

Fabric Swap Partners Sent

THE SWAP IS CLOSED!!!! All partners have been mailed to everyone. Each person is to mail to 2 people. Check your spam mail if you don't see an email from me. Remember you have until JUNE 18TH to mail the scraps to your partners. You don't have to wait until then - if you have the fabric and notions ready - mail it!!!

Make sure to include a note or card so your partner knows who sent the fabrics. I have attached a reminder in each email of the rules for what to send to your partners. Remember to be kind and send nice fabrics!!

Once you have received fabric scraps, please drop me an email so I know you have successfully received! Also, send me an email when you have sent the fabrics - just in case your partner contacts me concerned or curious!!

Thanks for joining the swap and enjoy! Try to keep your partner a surprise - but if you really want to make friends with them - go ahead and talk. It is up to you!!

Get cutting and swapping!! If you have any questions - please email me. I won't be home tomorrow until after 8pm but I will respond as soon as I get home from work! Thanks!

May 20, 2008

Fabric Scrap Swap

*****Look for new blog posts until May 20th below!!!!*****

I am hosting a Fabric Scrap Swap here on my blog. I did this recently through swap bot and had a good time, but wanted a little more fabric. So here are the rules:

* If enough people sign up, you will receive two partners

* You must mail at least 10 pieces of scrap fabric, but if you can aim for 15 to 20 - even better. Try to be generous to your partners!

* The smallest amount of scrap can be 5 x 5 and the largest should be around a fat quarter or a 1/4 a yard size. Your goals is to send enough fabric that your partners could use it make something smaller or use the fabric in addition to another fabric they are using!! Try to avoid small quilt pieces!

* You must include at least 3 notions (ribbon, buttons, rick rack, lace, ruffles, Velcro, elastic, etc)

This is a chance to really clean out some of the fabrics you have used on projects, but aren't sure what to do with the leftovers. Please send nice material and make sure it is clean! This is a chance to share some of your nice fabrics with other friends and receive the same in return!!!

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: Tuesday, May 20th (in honor of my Grandpa's Birthday)

PARTNERS ASSIGNED: No later than Wednesday May 21st

PACKAGES MAILED BY: Wednesday, June 18th or sooner (in honor of my Niece's and BIL's birthday)

What I need in your email:

Your Name, Your address, Your email (for my purposes- I won't hand it out), Your blog or website, anything else you want your partner to know, and if I can put a link to your blog on my blog (if you prefer privacy - I understand!!)

Contact me at with your information and any questions!

Sign up and join me in the fun!!!!!

May 18, 2008

Fun At The Tulsa Zoo

We went to the Tulsa Zoo today as a gift for my mom's birthday. Take a look at all the fun we had. My mom, mother-in-law, and husband joined me in the fun. I got a little sun even - on my neck especially!! We visited some family friends who have some new Yorkie puppies and they love to lick my husband's ears!!! Since my husband has been working so much lately - it has been nice spending the weekend with him.

A Weekend of Great Surprises!

A family friend surprised me this weekend with this book:

This book has been at the top of my wish list for quite some time. I was so pumped! I am making an apron out of the book for one my swaps - I can't say which one so my partner doesn't know what she is getting!

My mother-in-law surprised me with a bag I wanted from a craft fair as a birthday present. My birthday was back in March but she couldn't find a box to mail the bag to me without bending it. I also got some great cowboy fabric to use for some aprons and other fun projects for my birthday. Yay!

I got a new iron from my mom. Mine was starting to show some age and my mom says she only irons about once a year. So I got her newer iron for my crafts. Thank Goodness!

I got some good stuff, huh?

May 17, 2008

On A Brief Vacation

We came home to Tulsa this weekend for my mom's birthday and to get my haircut. Look for some posts for updated projects starting Tuesday. In the mean time, join us for the fabric swap!!!!!

May 14, 2008

Atomic Housewife Status: Here I come!!!!

What a partner I caught this time around!! She was wonderful. Wait until you see all she put in my package. It was like Christmas. Items kept coming out of the box. I love it!!! Check out the album below to see what all was in my box! Here is what I got: an apron, table runner and crocheted square, retro cookbook, retro recipe cards, desserts made out of felt, two glass plates and mugs, a HUGE recipe card all decorated out, and 5 lipsticks. The sad part was one glass broke in the mailing (sad!!!!). I am a definite retro housewife!! Thanks Heather!!

May 13, 2008

Something For Me

I have been slaving away on projects for so many other people that I took an hour and half to spend some time working on something for me. I am going home this weekend for my mom's birthday and wanted a fun outfit to wear. I had bought some pre-smocked dresses from JoAnn like a year ago. I never had sewn the straps on or sewn a hem around the bottom. That was all that was needed. On this dress.... it was to long for a short girl like me.

I have often stayed away from dresses like these since I carry a bit of weight. I feared someone asking me if I was expecting wearing this dress. Well, this summer, I decided no more! I will not be the one embarrassed or ashamed of my body and I will wear the dresses that I want to wear. If someone asks if I am expecting.... it is their own embarrassment to handle!!!! So, I trimmed the bottom up and took the left over scrap and turned it into a belt. I figured that way, it defines a waistline and draw the eyes away from the hips and gut!!!!
First step was to sew the side. Once that was completed, I added straps and hemmed the bottom of the dress. I then stitched up the belt and called it done! I love the way it turned out and can't wait to wear it. I have a yellow one similar to this to complete as well and I will have two new dresses!

Atomic Housewife Swap: Completed

Atomic Housewife Swap is done! I made a clothespin apron for my partner. There is a reason I chose a clothespin apron, but I can't share that secret yet, because my partner would know who she is. I hope she enjoys the happiness this apron screams. I took this pattern from the A is for Apron book. It was a cinch! I cut and completed the entire apron in one hour. I would highly recommend it for anyone. The book calls for bias tape to be used, but I felt with the bubbles - there was enough activity. I was afraid to add anything else to the mix. I am also including clothespins (of course!!) so my partner can hang up her clothes or her aprons out to dry!!

May 12, 2008

"We Can Do It"

I had the most awesome surprise in the mail today. My friend Valerie from Yarni Gras sent my husband some books that he might like to read. Enclosed with the books was two fabrics for ME!!! Look how awesome these fabrics are:

Katie's Craft Apron

Katie, who helped name my dress form, received her apron today. Since she has received it, I can now show you what the apron looked like. It was really hard to not keep it for myself!


Remember the swap I was involved in where you had to make something out of a fat quarter? Here is what I made! My partner completed her fat quarter assembly and look how cute:

I sent her the blue pirate material to make something out of and look what she made. Adorable. I love it. She said she would use it at the library. LOVE IT!

Greta's New Friend

My friend Valerie, over at YarniGras! , is hosting an apron giveaway. She received a dress form for Mother's Day and is naming her girl too!!!!!!! Yay! My Greta will have a friend now too. Head on over there and take a look at the giveaway. She will also be posting another giveaway soon to celebrate her 100th post. So keep checking in on her blog. The selecting of the dress form will be this SATURDAY, MAY 17th - so hurry over and leave your recommendation.

Atomic Housewife Apron

I am still working on my Atomic Housewife Apron and should be ready to mail tomorrow afternoon. I chose to make a clothespin apron for my partner because she stated she really wanted one in her profile. I hope it surprises her! I will take a picture tomorrow of the finished product and the other items included, but I wanted to show you the fabrics and pattern. I took the pattern from the A is for Apron book that I mentioned earlier on my blog. I love the fabrics and hope my partner does too. I will let you know later what she thought. I met her through the Apronista site and became friends with her just a couple weeks ago, so I don't want to mention her name on here in case she swings by!!!

Yellow Fat Quarter Swap Completed!

My swap partner, Barbara - from Ohio- should be receiving her package later this week. The swap required 4 yellow fat quarters of fabric, yellow stationary, yellow thread and something yellow from your partner's profile. My partner likes to make jewelry so I stuck these strands of yellow beads in for her to use to make jewelry with. I also threw in some yellow ribbon I had. These small spools of ribbons are wonderful accents pieces for scrapbooking to sewing items to decorating your swap packages. Can't wait to see what my partner sends me!

Embroidery Floss: Mild Success

I was able to fill my first container with floss and get each bobbin numbered. I have another case to fill and number - then Project Organization Embroidery Floss will be complete. I take the floss with me to my evening job at an Independent Living Facility and wind the floss as I pass the evening away assisting the residents. The winding makes the time fly by and knocks out a much needed organizational project! Once I get the bobbins all finished - I plan to organize the bobbins by color scheme. I had considered keeping them in number order, but I plan to use the thread more often for embroidery than cross stitch! This project should be completed no longer than this Friday! YAY!!!

May 10, 2008

Embroidery Floss Nightmare

I bought organizational trays and plastic bobbins to arrange my embroidery floss awhile back and I have just started working on it. What a nightmare!! When I thought I was almost done organizing the floss I had in plastic baggies on metal loops, my friend David brought in a bag full of embroidery floss he doesn't use! Which is good on one hand..... more floss, but on the other..... more winding!! I know when I finish this project though I will be so thankful. I will be able to open my cases and find the color of thread I want to embroider with instead of flipping through baggies!!! Here is a portion of what I have left to do:

Here is what keeps me going when I consider giving up on organizing:

Organization will have to wait to later this week though...... I am off to JoAnn!!!

May 8, 2008

Cutting Table Not So Intimidating

Today I spent 4 hours at the Fabric table learning all the secrets of the trade. I had such a good time as I started to become more comfortable with laying and cutting fabric. How fun was it to use the instruments to scan the fabric and know the secrets!!! I won't be able to get more projects done until this weekend, but I had a great day learning more at JoAnn. Slowly the nervous feelings are being replaced by fun moments! See you this weekend with more craft project updates!

May 7, 2008

Obama Shirt: Junior Grand Champion

Yea me and yea Obama!!! I came in second place as the Junior Grand Champion. Take a look at the blog and see all the winners! I will let you guys know what I won!!

May 6, 2008

Fabric Swatch Swap: Completed!!!

Probably the easiest swap I have participated in recently was the Fabric Swatch Swap. I was able to clean out some fabric from my stash and now I will be sharing the fabric with two partners. Now, it would be great to say that I cleaned some fabric out and have some space now, but that is not the truth. I will be receiving two packets of scraps back from other people! I will have a great variety of fabric scraps to choose from now for some of the smaller projects I need to work on! I will post some pics when the fabric scraps arrive. My scraps are headed to a new home!

One Craft Apron Complete

I can't post the finished product yet because I want it to be a surprise for Katie, the winner from my Name the Dress Form contest. I will how ever give you a sneak preview:

I will also tell you that it was really hard to not keep this apron for myself. I love it!!! I hope Katie loves it too and gets TONS of use out of the apron. As soon as she gets the apron, I will post the finished product. Hopefully by the end of this week or beginning of next!

May 5, 2008

Bend the Rules Bag

My Bend the Rules Swap bag arrived today from Atlanta, Georgia! Exciting!!! I had seen the bag on the flickr site and thought it was such a pretty bag. Glad to finally have seen what someone had made for me. Maita - thank you so much for all of your hard work. I took the bag to class tonight and received many compliments!! While I had some tough moments there for awhile with making my partner's bag - every moment was worth it to receive my own bag! She even divided the pocket on the inside so I have room to put my cell phone and a notepad in my bag. I can't wait to take it to the fabric store and carry home fabrics and crafts in it! Thanks so very much Maita! You did a lovely job!

Flirty Apron Swap and Apron Giveaway!

Head over to the Flirty Apron Swap site and sign up. The deadline to sign up is May 15th!! The theme is Celebrating Independence. There is a giveaway going on over at the FAS too! Check out this specific link. Why not join the swap and enter the giveaway to get a FANTASTIC apron?

When Bags Attack!

What a night!!!!! I finally finished my Bend The Rules Swap Bag and the bag is going in the mail tomorrow to never return to this house again!! At some point during the sewing project, the bag broke my foot lever. I went berserk!!! My husband stepped in and fixed the foot. The best part in his opinion is when I started crying and hugging him with so many thanks that he fixed my machine for me. All you ladies know the panic that sets in when you think your machine might be broken. I am waiting until Christmas to get a new sewing machine, so there is no option - my machine must last until then. Now that my machine works again, I finished the bag and here it is: (Not bad for my first handbag ever I think)

We seem to have a lot of attacks around here, don't we? We had the bag attacking my machine and remember this? This family needs some serious counseling!!!!

May 4, 2008

I Love Book Sales!

I love book sales! Especially when my husband's Barnes and Noble store is moving to a new store. So many of the books in the old store are bargain books and then are 50% off of the bargain price! We are talking about $2.00 books here. You have seen my Pretty Little Pincushions book, but there are other Pretty Little books in the family. Take a look at some of the projects I want to do from Pretty Little Patchwork:

This book has such great projects! I think the best part is that most of these projects could be made with all of those tiny scraps we have left over from other projects!

Another book to recommend is this one:

This book includes how to make jams and conserves, jellies, marmalade, curds and butters, chutneys, pickles, relishes and preserves. I personally can't wait to make the cranberry jelly, the apple butter and the lemon curd! Yummy!
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