February 15, 2011

Single Girl Quilt Along Starts!!

The quilt along has started!! The first step was listed on Katy's blog yesterday. The first step is all about cutting out your fabrics. It isn't too late to join in the fun. The great thing about a quilt along in that you can move at your own pace - faster or slower. Think about joining the fun!!

These are my fabrics. I am making a twin size for the living room. We have mostly reds and grays in the living room. However, we have a few orange items too. I wanted to use red, gray, yellow and orange to tie the room together better. Watch as it begins to come together in the next few weeks.

This will be the gray for front of the quilt. I haven't made up my mind about the back. I am almost tempted to go bold and go red. We will have to see!!

Ukulele Bag

My husband is learning to play the ukulele. You may recall this awesome shirt I made my husband too.
Since he has returned to school, we can't send him to school without a cool bag to carry. I hope to have the bag completed in the next week or so. See the fabrics I will use below!! Pictures coming soon!!

Craft room Update

I had some hearts left over from the garland for the living room. I attached the leftover hearts to ric rac and hung it on my shelf

I made these project cards to use for different crafts. I can use them to keep different cuts of fabric separate while quilting. I also can use a white erase marker to sketch out some projects I am working on. I just took some scrapbook paper and lamenated them. Ready to write on!

I got this awesome project idea from Secret Stitch Club for two project boards. I had some frames left over and made these to track projects for myself and projects for others. I think it is a great way to reuse items and to help organize all the WIP's that crafters have!!

Heart Garland Completed

I finished the garland!! I think the garland really made our living room nice and simple for Valentine's decorations. I brought out my two red heart book ends that I usually have in my craft room to help spruce it up.

February 1, 2011

Heart Garland

There are a ton of new posts listed under this one. As you can tell, I have been a little back logged. Enjoy!!!!

I have been in the decorating mood a little more than I used to be. I wanted something something simple for our fireplace area, but nothing real crazy. I decided to make heart garland. I am in the process of sewing it together, but here are the hearts all cut out:

I am attaching the hearts to bias tape that I need to use up.

I was concerned on how to get the hearts to stay firm. Then enter this tutorial from How About Orange (who has her own cute heart garland tutorial) - who introduced Stiffen Stuff to me. I sprayed the hearts and let them dry. I will have to see if that helps the hearts not curl or wear. Picture coming soon of the finished product!!

Sassy Apron

As we all know, I suffer greatly from a condition known as "I can make that" syndrome. Why buy something I can easily make? The problem is.... I don't have enough time to make EVERYTHING!!

Then - every once in awhile - you get on Etsy (bad decision for the bank account) and you see someone else's handicraft and you are in awe. That is how I feel about Sassy Aprons. Her aprons are incredible. I pride myself on some of the aprons I have made. Sometimes you have to just say "I can't make that like she can, and I want one!!" For years I have stalked her aprons and just couldn't find the one I wanted.

And then...... this one appeared.
Check out the bow!!!

I had Christmas money left over and did a dance..... I immediately purchased the apron. I LOVE the Alexander Henry print "Bird Seed". So much so that my knitting bag is made from this and I ordered a crochet needle carrier from the ever talented Coyote Craft in Bird Seed. I haven't used the apron yet to cook. I think that is a problem with apron lovers - I love my aprons - what if I get sauce on them!! I know, I know - put it on and make something. I will soon. If I can just get Greta (my dressform) would stop wearing it!
" Hi, my name is Tracey and I am intimidated by the Single Girl Pattern." "Hi Tracey." "I have a problem and I need help...." I have joined the Single Girl Support Group. I have wanted to make this pattern for A LONG TIME now, but I let the pattern intimidate me. So - my brillant friend, Katy from the UK and some of her pals are starting a quilt along on February 14th. If you want to quilt along too, go to the FLICKR group and request to join. Here is a picture of the quilt pattern:

The adorable black cat can be made as well. You can find his pattern in Denyse Schmidt's book - Quilts:

So get your sewing machine out, rotary cutter and fabric and join in the fun. There is a support group..... we can help each other.

Pin Up Pillow

I have been working on a pillow for about...oh..... since I started this blog (4 years ago). I finally finished it. All I had to do was sew a small piece of the edge and put buttons on it. Yeah - it took 4 years to do that (hee hee). Well, I finished the pillow. The fabric was given to me from a wonderful lady and an amazing seamstress - Christy. Take a moment to see how quickly this amazing seamstress can knock out clothing. She is crazy talented!! This pillow sits in my craft room - on our guest bed. Not sure if most people like Pinup Girls - but I LOVE them. If you like the pillow, call us - you can stay at our house!!


I have become pillowcase crazy. I have pillowcases now for Halloween, Christmas and now Valentine's Day!! My lovely husband is never rolling eyes at the new cases and as you can see - willing to sleep on pink. Yeah - that is how he rolls - real men wear pink!! The border of the pillowcases might make people crazy - playing eyes on your eyeballs. I never claimed I was sane or didn't like to mix some crazy items sometimes. Who can hate going to bed on cupcakes? If only I could eat all of those cupcakes!

Wear and Wash Bag

Only a girl who is organized and a bit obsessive about having enough undergarments for vacation and travel would be crazy about making these bags. This has been on my project list for a LONG time. This weekend, I decided I wanted to do a quick project rather than a long project. I needed some instant sewing success. I completed the WEAR bag with a few mistakes (as any seamstress can back me up, most people see an awesome project, a seamstress sees the errors!). I need to finish the wash bag. Now, I just need a vacation. Where should I go?

Snow Day!!

I haven't had one of these since I was a kid!!! Of course, in Texas - the appropriate term would be Ice Day!! Going to stay warm and sew today. More project updates coming soon.
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