February 24, 2008

No Sew Tutu for Kalyn

My friend Sarah told me about this cool tutu that could be made with no sewing. She sent me the instructions and I made it today for my niece. It only took maybe 2 hours to do the whole thing and it was fun!!! Here is what I did:

I bought 1 yard of light pink tulle and 1 yard of dark pink tulle. I folded the l. pink tulle in half and cut along the folded side so I ended up with two different sheets of tulle. I repeated the same with the d. pink. I then cut about 2" inch strips (the short length -not the long length) in the light and dark pink sheets. I ended up with strips like this:

I then cut them in half again at the fold side (at the top of the loop) so I got two strips of ribbon from one big one. For example: out of the two pictured above I now had 4 strips.
I cut my ribbon out. I used about 60" of ribbon so my sister in law would have a lot of ribbon to use to tie around the waist.

I folded each side of the ribbon down a few times and ran across it with the sewing machine so the ribbon doesn't fray. I then laid the ribbon out flat and started attaching the tulle strips.

I laid the loop at the top and strips at the bottom. I then grabbed the strips and pulled them through the loop over the ribbon - like this:
I then pulled on the strips to tighten the knot over the ribbon.

I repeat the assembly steps above with one l. pink and one d. pink until finished. Here is what it looks like laying on the table:

I laid in down on the ribbon in a circle like it would be around a waist. Since I don't have any children, I couldn't get anyone to try it on. I looked at my dog, but his look back said "Don't even think about it!!"

Thanks Sarah for the idea and instructions. If I get a picture of Kalyn in it I will have to forward it to you so you can see her all cute!! Good Luck making your own!


  1. The tutu looks great Tracey! Kalyn will love it...she'll love getting mail, too! :) We'll take a picture and post it as soon as we get it.

  2. I'm not sure where you got your ability for crafts and/or sewing, but I am very impressed!


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