May 27, 2009

Sewing Machine for sale........

.......if mine doesn't get it's act together!!!! I have been fighting with my sewing machine the last couple of days. I was making such great progress with my projects and then my machine started jamming, eating fabric, breaking needles, etc. I think the machine was a little mad I had not spent a lot of time with it this past semester. So, I do have some pics from my hat I crocheted recently.

I have about 3 projects to finish this weekend after my machine and I work out our issues. I did begin assembling my first quilt. I will post some pictures of that soon. I am getting ready to work on some picnic bags which attach to our bikes and some picnic place mats for us to use this summer! Stay tuned!


  1. Cute hat! Your picnic bags sound interesting, hope you get squared away on the sewing machine issues. :)

  2. I had that happen to my machine and the timing was off I had to take it to get it fixed. it was relatively cheap to fix.
    hope it gets working again!
    i like your hat!


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