July 21, 2009

Camera Found!!!

I finally remembered that I took my camera to a pool party not too long ago!! So - here are some of the projects I have been working on. They are long term projects and will probably continue to be long term (it seems like they never end!!!).
Before I show you my projects - look at this awesome find from Craigslist for SUPER cheap- My husband took it for a test ride!
I have started to sew and make triangles for my zig zag quilt with some awesome Heather Ross fabrics.
I worked some more on my Quilt made from one of my favorite Heather Bailey prints. I have been stitching around some of the patterns on the fabric.

I started crocheting a Ripple Afghan for the fall/winter.

I need to do a little more sewing for my friends and myself this month. The heat wave here in the South is taking it out of me. I just don't feel like sewing when it is so hot. I just want to lay in a pool all day long!! I hope to have some more projects soon to post for you all to see!


  1. You must be pleased to have found the camera. I like your projects - nice fabrics too. Ann :)

  2. and I don't blame you, if we had heat and a pool that's what I would be doing :)

  3. oh wow - that bike is so cool. Why can't I find a cool bike like that over here?

    LOVING the new projects, you have some great stuff to work on. I'll see if I can send over some of the cool (ok, wet) weather from here if you send me a little sunshine in return? Surely if we mix up the 2 weathers we'll be just fine?

  4. I love your RED bike!! with the basket :) So cool!

  5. Where is the baby bed you made Kalyn?

  6. wow awesome bike and i lurve that basket!
    thats a lot of wips! i too have wanted to do a ripple quilt, i think that will be on my fall to do list. glad you found your camera and i dont blame you. i never want to do anything when its hot

  7. Love the bike, fabrics, and zig zag afghan. Talk about eye candy. When's our sewing get away? I am ready.


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