September 29, 2009

Look Mom, No Hands.......

Remember saying that when you learned to ride a bike? At least I did!!! Here is a quick snapshot of my FIRST ever knitting projects. Now, granted I am only practicing the knit stitch and I am just making a scarf! However, I have attempted to start knitting on 3 separate occassions and now I am doing it. I finally decided it wouldn't get the best of me. In a couple of weeks, I go back for lessons on the purl stitch and then I will be released to the world of knitting!

On a side note, my husband is unfortunately the better knitter. Our teacher told us men are usually superior knitters. Grrrr! My husband smiled across the table at me when she said that. What a brat!!!


  1. i never knew that about men. i am trying my hand at knitting again after a long hiatuss. i am going to attempt a cowl neck scarfy thing.
    any word on the etsy? ;o)

  2. congrats on your projects....both of you!

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