January 23, 2010

When Plans Change....

2009 and 2010 ended and started in a way I did not want or expect. I had the best job that I loved and worked with a team that I will never have the wonderful experience of working with again. It was like waking up every morning and going to work with your friends.

In October, a new company took over management where I work, an Independent, Assisted and Alzheimer's facility. I lead the activities for the Independent Living and loved my job 97% of the time. Pretty good odds, huh? The staff was really excited and happy to see some fresh air come in. Little did we know, it was all about to change.

To keep a REALLY long story - short - here is the recap. Right before Christmas, the company fired the executive director and another team mate. They were not allowed to say goodbye, but ushered out the doors. Soon, little by little, the staff began to resign. I was considering holding on when the company asked me to do some unethical things and did some unethical things. I knew I had to get out while my name was innocent and not mixed in with anything!!

Luckily, the plans I had made for 2010 had some promise in them, when I thought they had failed me. I was able to put my resignation in and I start working next week for Cancer Care Services here in Fort Worth. I am so excited. They have contracted me long enough to hold me until my internship starts in the summer.

I will have my degree by August and able to start Social Work. So, in the long run, it may be what all of us needed, persuing jobs and dreams, but it sure hurts. I realize the business world does not always run by heart, but it sure hurt to see friends I cherished so dearly lose their jobs, especially right before Christmas. It hurts to walk into a building that feels like all it's life and spirit are slowly dwindling. It really stinks I have to say goodbye to my residents I have come to cherish.

However, I am grateful for the transition because people from work are able to be friends now, outside of work! I am going to finish my degree this year and I can start the dream job I have always wanted.

When I told a friend recently that I was going to stop making plans for life because it all changes she said the quote

"Life is what happens when plans are made". Very true! As always, I know I will look back on this as what was supposed to happen. It seems the friends I am meant to make along the journey will continue the journey with me, but just in a different fashion. I may not get to see them everyday, but email and texts sure do help!

The best thing to happen: I have my creative mojo back. I hadn't realized it, but my sewing and crocheting came to almost of a stand still. I just couldn't do it. Since handing in my resignation and reacquainting myself with life again, I have found the part of me that loved to create to begin with. So - I have started a couple things. If you can give me just a little time to get back into the swing of things, this will actually turn back into a creative project blog!!

Oh, 2010 - you are starting out a lot different than I expected, but maybe you aren't so bad. We'll see!


  1. Hang in there --- sounds like life has taken an exciting turn!

  2. I saw a wonderful line and I do not remember it entirely, but then, maybe it is straight.
    "God always knows a day before what is going to happen...so don't worry about tomorrow."

    anywhooo..those are my words for you!

  3. Could not have said it better! Congrats girl ...only one more day!!!

  4. Glad to see your creative mojo is back! It's hard not know what God's plans are for you and why don't they match up with mine?! Hope the residents you had to leave are still receiving good care.

    I've given you a Sunshine Award on my blog and here's to a new start and a new year full of sunshine! :-)


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