May 12, 2010


I made this block recently for a block swap that I am in. The theme was Growth and I instantly thought of gardens and paths. This block by no means is my own creation, I just started making a zig zap block and turned one of the zig zags upside down. I am sure there are a million more like this out there. I did decide to make this block this way to show how I saw growth. The green reminded me of garden paths and the blue reminded me of little garden patches. I wanted to do a more abstract block than a literal. Not so bad for a novice quilter. When I say novice, I mean, I have yet to completely lay out blocks to make a quilt, but I am on my way with a couple of quilts right now. I will get there eventually!! Off to finish some gifts for my mom and to hopefully start on a shirt for my OYW challenge.

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