June 29, 2010

Zoo Date

My husband is a mad working machine and we haven't had much time together. This past weekend he had both Saturday and Sunday off. I had heard about a fund raiser at the Dallas Zoo that helps academically successful underprivileged teens get into college. As we are huge supporters of Higher Education in this house, we thought what a great date night.... help someone else, spend time together and go to the zoo. We had a blast. We only took two photos as we were covered with sweat by the end of the evening. I made the husband take my photo with my sunglasses on because my makeup was running. Gotta love Texas summers!! (not so much). Notice my husband's grimace instead of a smile. He looks a little silly, but he is really so cute. Trust me!! Notice how tan he is and how pale I am. So unfair!!!

June 28, 2010

My %$*&*@ Nook Holder

Yeah - this was a Tracey project. It was made with love, cuss words and seam ripping galore. I love projects that I sit down and just decide I can make. No thought to a pattern or measurements. Note to self: STOP DOING THIS!! I am pretty sure I ripped out sections of my hair all over my craft room and really yelled at myself for not thinking things through. The outcome however: I LOVE MY BAG. I didn't like any of the covers that Barnes and Noble are selling for the nook, so I made one for myself. I love the Nook. It goes to the gym with me and all over the house. I have to keep myself from sleeping with it at night. If you love to read and you love technology.... this is the thing for you!! I made the pouch from Riley Blake fabrics and I made it in a patchwork design. I have the best tutorial on how to get a patchwork design. If you are interested let me know. I will get the link to you. I use it all the time.

June 21, 2010

Do you still sew???

I DO!!! It may not seem like it around here!! I am getting into a groove with my internship and writing my last paper of the Masters Program. I have started cranking up my sewing machine again. Coming by this weekend: an apron for a swap, two quilt blocks and hopefully the start of a Nook cover. Nook is the barnes and noble version of the Kindle. I am designing our own cover case for one. My husband won the Nook through a contest and I am thrilled. He hasn't had a chance to really touch it!!!

Photos coming soon!!
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