January 10, 2011

Craft room revamp


My craft room has changed much over the years. I have had my stuff all along one wall and then spread out along several walls. I decided I liked the streamlined look and moved some stuff around recently. I had a white shelf sitting in a closet for about 2 years and finally used it. I have some project cards I have been working on. I plan to write out my plans for projects on them and hang them from the hooks. I will post once I finish them, which should be next week or so. I plan to paint the wall eventually, but nothing exciting. We rent, so therefore, we have been allowed to paint a nice tan shade. I think it will look nice with the craft room. I am currently working on the bedding and headboard for the spare bed in this room. It should be pulled together in the next month or so. I will post again when done with the bedding.

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