April 11, 2010

Projects Galore

Blogger and I do not seem to be friends anymore. I cannot get the dang picture uploader to work and I am ready to rip my hair out!! I am going to post some photos to my flickr account until Blogger and I take some time apart to breathe.

I have been BUSY with a TON of projects, but it is nice to have my sewing mojo back. I have done a little cropping to a shirt I bought at goodwill. Check out my flickr to see how it turned out. Don't miss what happens when you leave sleeves cut off from a shirt on the table. (Hint: my husband is dangerous when unsupervised!!)

I have completed the cushions for our outdoor area. We have been cleaning up back there and I have almost completed the staining process for the table. I still need some more decorations but I hope within two weeks or so to have some more photos!!

Off to sew some more. Thanks to all my seam ripper friends for the encouragement. I don't feel so frustrated with my seam ripper as much anymore.

Now off to try something industrious for myself. I am going to cut out and make a mock up of one of the dress patterns from Built by Wendy. Keep your fingers crossed. Making my own clothes has been a difficult process for me. The first shirt I made when I started up sewing again had to be cut off by my husband. Nice. He did say it did nice things to my chest area - spoken like a true man :)

I will have more photos this week of a hat I am making, hopefully a picture of a completed bag for my mom, and some fun tutorials I have followed (two adorable necklaces for the summer), and hopefully some progress on some long term projects!!


  1. Busy gal. I am glad you have your mojo back too - :)

  2. I love the table. You are going to be like my parents and live outside at your table. :)I broke my seam ripper last week. It had had enough, I guess. Glad you are sewing again. I'm back into little gal dresses after a long hiatus.

  3. What a nuisance Blogger is not playing nice. Checked out Flickr are your husband's new leg warmers are the most! Ann:-)

  4. I bought a new camera and all of a sudden had trouble uploading to Blogger. I downloaded Picasa, and now I grab my pics in Picasa and then export them back to Windows Photo Gallery, using the auto-make-em-smaller feature (not the technical term) and now they upload to Blogger in a snap. May not be YOUR problem, but it solved MY problem :-)


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