April 6, 2010

Seam Rippers

We have a joke in our house that the project I am currently working on is not a "Tracey item" unless the seam ripper has been used. It never fails, regardless of how prepared with a pattern I get - there will be use of the seam ripper. I made some curtains for our bedroom this weekend and had to use the seam ripper. I didn't realize how much of a joke it was until I did my normal "growl" (which usually includes my favorite cuss word - here is a hint - it starts with F) and my husband says while looking at the computer "Time for the seam ripper?".

Now - I did glare at the back of his head for a moment, but then the humor got to me. It irritates me that I have to use the seam ripper, like that suggests I can't sew or have no business sewing. When I made a comment to that state, my husband's response was "If all sewers didn't need a seam ripper, than why make it and why are so many bought?"

Leave it to the husband to make me feel better. How about you? Do you have to use your seam ripper a lot or am I just an impatient sewer??


  1. I am there with you! I currently have 3 of them, just so I do not need to move too long to get one, heheheh!

  2. Same here! Without fail, as soon as I think to myself "wow, this project is going great with no mistakes..." I have to break out the seam ripper.

    Jennifer :)

  3. I seam to use my seam ripper quite a bit. They are my friend. I will often try something to see if it will work knowing that I can always rip it out. I buy at least one almost every time they are 50% off at Joanns. I am always losing them when I need one. To me, ripping out is just a part of sewing.

  4. They are a good reminder that we are human and make mistakes. I just wish I didn't make them at the wrong times when I have the most unripping to do. Sigh. Ann :-)

  5. Thanks ladies!! I feel WAY better that I am not alone. I have a lot of sewing to do the next several weeks, so everytime I use a seam ripper I will think of you all kindly!! Maybe next time my husband makes a comment I should hand the seam ripper to him, right?

  6. I like the fact that if I make a boo-boo, my handy dandy seam rippin' ripper will lend me a sharp edge.....

  7. I am such an impatient sewer that I've been known to abandon a project that requires to much seam ripping! As in NEVER to return to it!


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