November 18, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I can't post some of the work I have done since they are Christmas Gifts but I can post the fabrics I used, right???  I won't list who they are for either, although it is really hard for me not to.  I don't keep gifts a secret very easily and almost explode to give the gift to people before the holidays or birthdays. 

Quilt One:

The photo is blurry but you can get the idea.  I didn't want it be super small!! 

Quilt Two:

I am using an orange fabric but I can't remember what line the fabric is from.  The orange is actually a patterned fabric so it adds a little to the quilt and a punch with all the other solids. I will have to ask my friend who helped me select the fabrics.

The top fabric is from the Circa 60 line.  LOVE that line and so does my husband.  He has some other fabrics from the line waiting to be made into a quilt just for him and a messenger bag for his school books.

The funny thing is I ended up loving the quilt I am working on with the Circa 60 print, that I am making my husband and me one too!!  The only problem is which one of us will get to lay under it!!

I am working on one more quilt but I can't post even the fabric. If I did the person I am making it for would instantly know it was for them.  After Christmas, I promise!!

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