November 18, 2011

Christmas Tree Skirt

I have been saying for years that I am going to make my own tree skirt.  Well, last year's skirt did not hold up, so I either make one or buy one. I decided now is the time to try new things and to get the tree skirt I want.

I have bought linen and I am thinking about using a patchwork border.  On the linen around the circle I think I want to do trees and Sawtooth Stars.

Know what a sawtooth star is:

This star is taken from a tutorial on purl soho

I haven't decided if I want to use blocked trees - like this:

I made this last year for a swap.  I didn't design the pattern, but I have lost the tutorial to give proper credit!

Or just a solid fabric tree:

Whatever I decide to do, as long as I actually make one in time to go around the tree will be amazing!

I will post pics if it happens!!

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