February 10, 2012

Books and Blocks Bee

I started one last round of Books and Blocks Bee based on the book Modern Blocks. We will take up to 9 more people and make the block/blocks of your choice for your month.  Not too much commitment as you only have to make a block a month.  Consider joining us in the fun!!
You have to request to join through Flickr.  Here is the LINK.  Let's try to get this group up and running for these ladies who would like to join.  Even if you can't make another commitment, consider mentioning this on your blog to get it filled.  Thanks!!


  1. I was wondering if there is still room in your bee for one more? I would like to join. I tried to post on flickr but it said I had to join your group and wasn't sure if you wanted me to do that if you hadn't told me I could. This will be my second bee if I can join.

    1. Hi Margaret

      We just filled the group. I will keep you in mind though in case someone drops out. There are always situations where some people can't suddenly commit to the bee. Thanks!!


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