February 4, 2012

Yesterday I was too late to get into CityStitches Bee based on blocks from the Modern Blocks book that has 99 blocks made by incredible people. Well, CityStitches graciously offered to lead someone in how to lead a Bee to allow others to participate. I volunteered and there is still room. I am willing to lead up to two groups. I am posting from my IPhone so this will be a fast post. Find the group at Books and Blocks Bee you will find us. There are 8 spots left right now for the first group. Come sign up and buy the book!!


  1. Oh I would love to join, but alas, if I join one more bee/swap/sew along, my head might explode o.O I do love that book though...

    1. I get you on the head explosion side. My husband just shakes his head when I take on one more project. Isn't that what we all do in this community - take on more and more projects because there isn't enough time each day to make it all - even though we try :)


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