April 1, 2012

Books and Blocks Bee Button

This is the first button I have ever made and I could NEVER have done it without the two fabulous tutorials on Ellison Lane Quilts.  If you need any type of button - she is the gal to see!!  Girls in my Bee - feel free to grab this button.  It is small enough for blog posts or for sidebars.  If you have problems with the code or it works incorrectly - let me know.  As I said - this is my first button!

On another topic - I have been missing in action for about a month.  Some of the reasons include a birthday vacation (nice!!), work is CRAZY right now, a new yoga workout buddy to attend classes with me and a little loss of my sewing mojo.  I have a post about the mojo topic coming soon.  I am really looking for some feedback and would appreciate some insight from all of you!  I will try to post that in the next few days.


  1. You have been so busy making stuff you were do for a break :)


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