January 28, 2008

Preparation = Perspiration

I don't know about anyone else like me, but I think the act and planning of a project actually takes longer than assembling the project itself!! I have spent so much time researching certain projects, drawing them out and organizing my craft area - that you would think I worked for a major research company!!!! I am still trying to organize a flow in my craft area that will work and I still have not found the perfect table. Which means, I drag a lot of stuff out to work on a project just to have to clean it up again. Yuck! Then I get frustrated because I have a list of things I want to get on the blog, but I am still getting the project together so I can sew it. Perhaps less obsessing would be good.

I also get sucked in to websites and blogs, which leads to another one and so on. Do you feel my pain?? There is just too much good stuff out there to do right now. I must focus! Does anyone else find this hard or I am a lone duck? Any tips?


1. Sock Monkey pin cushion (too cute)
2. A gift for a friend
3. Yoga Mat Bag
4. My Sassy Apron Swap project
5. Refashioning project - challenge on one of my blogs I read - so much to choose from, so little time
6. Curtains
7. Two Dresses
8. Hems and minor adjustments - CRAZY!!!


  1. Yes, yes, yes. I hear you. I started a dress for Addie last night (the second project since my craft "room" was finished) and I kept stopping and telling David, this is so awesome. I was used to taking up several rooms for ironing, cutting, sewing, etc. I sat there at my machine, half sewing and half watching Persuasion thinking this is better than sex! Ha, ha. Looking forward to seeing some of those projects completed on your list! Have fun.

  2. PS--tips: pick the project you most want to do. I have one kitchen curtain finished (a year ago) and haven't started the other one. Why? Because it bored me to tears. I'll get around to it sometime, but I like to make the things I love to sew priority (Addie dresses, etc). Ooh, have you made Kalyn a tutu yet? I will give you the instructions if you want them...SO EASY!

  3. Um, it's me again. I posted some pics of my space. Thanks for the email today...it made me happy.


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