September 3, 2008


I have found a cardigan I can't live without...... it also costs $325. No thanks! I want to make this cardigan but am totally lost how to do it. Here are some photos. It is a DKNY cardigan.

So I have a few options here. I could buy some old sweaters at a thrift store and try to piece it together. I could buy fabric and find a pattern (help needed there) and make one. I could try to find a LONG cardigan at a thrift store and cut the back off to make it like this one.

What do you think? I need some help ladies. I want this cardigan so bad it hurts, and I would love to say "I made it by reusing old clothing". I am going to the thrift stores this weekend. HELP!!!!!!


  1. That IS a really awesome sweater! I'd say piecing together other sweaters would be a really awesome look.

  2. ok, I'm no help whatsoever. But that is a lovely cardigan!!!

  3. Good news! Not only is there a similar pattern out there in the market place (it's made by one of the big 3 -- I'll have to look when I get home, but if you go to, you will find sweater fabric. It is listed in two sections -- they have some in the $1.95/yard section and also in the Fashion Fabric section. Easy peasy!! I plan to make one or two myself.

  4. I decided not to wait until I got home. It's McCalls M5241. It's one of their 1-hour patterns. Now rush right over to, grab some sweater knit and get to work!

  5. OK you got better help from others, I was going to say buy the sweater make a pattern return the sweater. (Good thing you have other options;)

  6. I'm really not much help as to how to go about actually constructing this. But I love the idea of using thrifted clothes, then again I love thrifting! I hope you find some great thrifted treasures this weekend! Good luck and don't forget to share your treasures and finished blazer pictures!


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