September 19, 2008


I have had some jars for quite a time that I bought for my kitchen, and then we moved. So, my kitchen ran out of counter top to store these jars on, so I decided to use them in my craft room. I also got a shelf a couple months back at Hobby Lobby on sale for like $5.00. I originally planned to put the jars on the shelf, but I had so much fun stuff I wanted to store, I had to use the shelf for that. Take a look at my newly organized craft desk with the jars and my shelf!!

I have to straighten up a little bit, but then I should take a photo of my craft room when I first organized it and what it looks like now. If I get some free time this weekend, I just might do that!!


  1. I have jars for threads and ribbons too....I love the way it looks with all the colors showing!

  2. I got my book Saturday. THANKS!!! I really love it and can't decide which project to do first. Love your jars of pretty do-da's as my grandma would say.

  3. Tracey ~
    Looking very organized! I love to use jars, too!

  4. Tracey,
    It's me back again to tag you for a meme! Please come over to my blog to play along.

  5. You make me proud with the organization! Looks great!

  6. You are adorable!!! Thanks for my DARLING apron!!! perfection! I love everything about it. I am going to post pics of it tomarrow! I am excited to try the recipe as well. You nailed it!!! seriously I love it!! THANKS!!!!


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