December 25, 2008

Christmas Letter 2008- NEW POSTS BELOW


I have finished our Christmas letter. It took 5 hours, but once you see the completed project - you will see why I did it last year and this year. There is music attached so - if you are at work, put the mute on and if you are at home - turn the mute off!!! The show lasts about 8 minutes, so make sure you have something to drink and some snacks. Let me know what you think!! Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Your Christmas Movie is fantastic. I really really liked it .. and it was a lot of fun to watch.
    Get ready for this.. I am going to San Francisco over the Holiday.. my family lives out there :) So I will say hello to the City for you :)

  2. In N Out is the BEST! We love their burgers.

    You were so close to our house when you went to the Jelly Belly time you are in the area we will have to meet up!

    Merry Christmas

    Anna (and the rest of the Maschke family)

  3. your Christmas movie is great, what a creative way to share!

  4. That was great - I love the old slide idea! Merry Christmas! :)

  5. Thanks for letting me view it, I love it!!! You had a great year. I'm looking forward to your adventures in 2009!

    Many hugs, and happy holidays.



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