December 8, 2008

Christmas Tradition

When we first got married back in 2000 we wanted to start a tradition that we could do each year at Christmas time. I came up with the idea of decorating clear ornaments with paint on the inside and then paint a theme from the year we want to remember. We have not completed our last four years - I am a bit behind, but I hope to catch up this Christmas. We are working on our themes for the four years we are behind. The themes for the ones above are:
1. Our first year married
2. Stinky house: We moved into a townhouse that smelled like cigarettes galore and the smell didn't leave until we wiped down the walls - they went from yellow to white walls. So much for thinking the walls in the townhouse were painted.
3. The metro in the snow bank - check out my personal blog for that story line.
4. The year we got my dog!!
I hope to finish the other four years before we pack up all the Christmas stuff. If I do, I will post them on here for you to see!

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  1. thank you for sharing....funny how something so simple can mean so much!


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