August 17, 2009

Busy Busy!!

I start back to my classes a week from today which equals less time to sew (BOOOOO!). Here is what I have been working on:
I kind of distorted it, but this is the free pattern download from Moda called Figgy Pudding. Too cute, huh?

Here is all of the fabric I need plus I have a few others tucked away in a basket too. I can't wait to start!!!

My friend hired me to make some blankets and burp clothes for some of her friends who are expecting babies. 4 girls!!! I have four burp clothes put together and still need to assemble four more. That way each mom can have two burpclothes and a blanket. I am also adding a bib from the same material for each baby too. Whoo - that's a lot of sewing. I hope to complete this project in the next two weekends! I have to say this project has been fun because I love the pink and zebra!!!

I also have been cutting out 192 strips of fabric for the Scrappy Christmas Block Swap. What fun!! I think I like the Modern Quilting better than classic. I have to assemble 12 blocks and I am making myself two extra blocks too. I also received my first set of two from one of my partners. I can't wait to figure out what type of projects I want to make with all of these blocks.
I suppose that is enough updating for now. I am also finishing up another swap item for one special gal who never received anything from a swap and a weekender bag for my friend Sarah!
Not to mention a million other projects I have on the planning board. Never enough time!
I spent last night watching several movies on my laptop while I was cutting and assembling. It made me wonder - what do you do when you sew? Listen to music, watch tv, watch movies, enjoy the silence, etc? I would like to know what most of us do when we sew. Leave me a comment and then I will update everyone in a couple days on what people do most often while sewing!


  1. sounds busy!! I hope your classes go well, I miss school so much!I watch TV usually...except it's on behind me so I only "watch" when I turn around to lay things out on the bsck of the couch to make sure I am not sewing things out of order. I love background noise. I will admit there are a few nights when I want silence and enjoy the peace but usually I have the background buzzing!

  2. good luck with everything this semester! As for is my quiet time. Usually when I sew I don't listen to anything but the hum of the machine.


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