August 18, 2009

Nine Years and Going Strong!

We are a few pounds heavier, but there is a whole bunch of love!!!!
Nine years ago on August 19th, I married my best friend at a river side wedding (it was hot!!).
It was a fantastic day and exactly what I had dreamed of. Our marriage has been full of laughter, some tough times, some heartbreaking moments and most commonly - just plain normal days of fun.
Here is to 9 more years! I love you, Snakes!
(You like my dog in the background! He thought he should make a cameo in our photo.)


  1. congratulations!!! You do look such a happy couple (love the dog in the background too - hilarious!)

  2. oh wow! congrats! i love the dog in the background ,as if, hey i am part of this too!

  3. Very handsome and 9 years ago.

  4. congratulations!

    too secret word is

    congrato....does that mean blogger is congratulating you too?

  5. Congratulations! I like your hubby's shirt - cool!


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