August 27, 2009

What An Awesome Book!!!

Sewing is moving along slowly this week in the house. I have started back to school this week, so that means 9 hours a week is now spent in the classroom, 4o hours at work, and then down time. In the few moments before bed each night - I have been reading a couple pages of a book that I AM LOVING!!! I can't quite figure out what has exactly drawn me in with this book, but you MUST read it!

The book has been out for awhile and I am just obviously behind in the world of the living. The book is called:

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg.

This book is a personal look at Molly's life and recipes that have very dear memories and events attached to them. She started a blog and it ultimately led to this book. Check out her blog: Orangette.

I hope to have some more sewing to update after this weekend. I had a friend who said it was sad that I didn't have as many posts as I used to. I feel your pain too. I hate that I only get so much time to sew. I should have enjoyed the time I worked part time and could sew more!!

Now - go get a copy of this book and get ready for some good reading!!


  1. Funny because I thought " what a cool looking book I will put it on hold at my library" But when I went to put it on hold it failed because I already have it on hold:) I hope I enjoy it as much as you do.

  2. I guess it's a very personal journey *illustrated* by food and life's other activities. I'll certainly be looking out foor it after your recommendation. Thanks...Ann :)

  3. Well good luck on trying to balance and juggle it all! that book looks good- I love a good read. I am going to go check out her site now.


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