February 28, 2010

When I said I was busy, I wasn't kidding.....

What have I been up to lately??? Let's see:

1. Finished my first quilt ever for a friend's baby shower today

2. Finished blankets and burp cloths for a friend to give at her friend's baby shower

3. Travel bag for our upcoming trip

4. Hip Bag to match the travel bag (hey, a girl has to look good and match!!!)

5. Started on my travel wallet - I am almost there with figuring it out!!!

6. Took a second knitting lesson on Saturday with the husband. It is fun doing something together that we both enjoy. I think I may be ahead of him in getting the stitches down, which is nice, because he was kicking my tail in the first class.

7. I have had a friend order a Knitting Bag that I made - yay!!!

What's left to do??

1. Make a hip bag for my mom and a friend

2. Make a travel bag for my mom

3. Make an sleep mask for my trip (have to cover up the eyes - too much light wakes me up!!)

4. Make two more sleep masks for friends

5. Make my friend's knitting bag

6. Crochet 3 hats for our trip

Not much to do, huh??? Someone better tell my sewing machine to start drinking some coffee. We are going to be cranking some items out!! I will post some photos in the next few days!!

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