January 2, 2012

2012 Project List

I started a project list on Pinterest to help me track all the items I want to make and that I have committed to (quilt alongs or swaps).  I know the list will grow, but I really want to focus on less unfinished items and actually finishing projects.  We will see how that one goes....ummm, not so well in the past.  2012 is a new year though and a new time to make commitments, right???  Find my board on Pinterest here.

You do need an invite to join Pinterest.  I can help you out if you aren't on there and would like to be.  WARNING: you may lose hours of your time pinning.  Don't say I didn't warn you (wink).  The bag in the photo is a pattern from Posie Gets Cozy - the Jane Market Bag


  1. I also ordered this pattern...I hope I don't screw it up!


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