December 27, 2011

Craft Room Makeover

Seems like since I started sewing I have been working my way toward figuring out what I would want my craft room to look like and how I could best utilize the space.  We rent our place, so that does limit what we can do with the space, but the more I research, the more I see I can get what I want.  We have painted our entire duplex as the walls were three shades of different white when we moved in (with our landlord's permission of course!!).   There will be immediate updates and then a few updates that could take a couple more weeks before the room is complete.

Here is what I started with when I first started sewing in 2007:

Not what I really wanted, but the desk got me started. I put contact paper over the desk to help cover up a bad stain job and to add some punch.

I added accessories to make the place a little closer to what I wanted and added a desk:

The room has been a progress and finally after several months of working out how to use my space most effectively, the last phase will begin.

I have a wonderful husband who seems to be able to do anything.  I found a desk through a website called ana-white.  I have always wanted a craft desk from pottery barn or something similar from Crate and Barrel, but did not want to spend $1000 to get it.  Plus, think of all the fabric buying that would take away from!!!  So here is the desk that my husband is building for me this weekend:

Plan found here

Details found here

I am actually following the building design for the craft desk not painted shown above.  I like the bigger top and having another set of cubes on the both sides.  More storage!!! 

I will have room now for my friends or mom to sew on one side while I sit on the other.  One end will be used as a cutting zone and the other end as the pressing/ironing zone.  I will be able to bring my fabric out of the closet and onto shelves nicely organized.  My husband is going to attempt to place two drawers in the middle area I can pull out to store my rotary blades, scissors, etc!!  I can't wait.

I also plan to paint the room the same color as the rest of the house, move my quilt wall and better organize my wall items.  I will be able to keep my dress form in the corner instead of the closet.  I have some accessories I am going to be sewing to add to my desk and room as the process continues.  I have no doubt when this is finished, that it will be hard to go to work and not stay and play in my craft room. I will post pictures as the process starts, continues and when complete! I hope to have the room done and finished as I see it no longer than a month.  Keep checking back!!


  1. Sounds like fabulous plans, and I love that desk! Can I borrow your hubby and his carpentry skills when he's done? ;o)

  2. I fully agree with Katy!! What a beautiful desk and I am just a tiny bit envious about your carpentry-skilled husband!! :)


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