July 28, 2009

Looking for a Holiday challenge?- NOW CLOSED!!!

Time to think of making yourself a Christmas Gift?

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July 21, 2009

Camera Found!!!

I finally remembered that I took my camera to a pool party not too long ago!! So - here are some of the projects I have been working on. They are long term projects and will probably continue to be long term (it seems like they never end!!!).
Before I show you my projects - look at this awesome find from Craigslist for SUPER cheap- My husband took it for a test ride!
I have started to sew and make triangles for my zig zag quilt with some awesome Heather Ross fabrics.
I worked some more on my Quilt made from one of my favorite Heather Bailey prints. I have been stitching around some of the patterns on the fabric.

I started crocheting a Ripple Afghan for the fall/winter.

I need to do a little more sewing for my friends and myself this month. The heat wave here in the South is taking it out of me. I just don't feel like sewing when it is so hot. I just want to lay in a pool all day long!! I hope to have some more projects soon to post for you all to see!

July 14, 2009

Wanted: Missing Camera

So much for an update!! I can't find my camera all the sudden! Maybe I left it at work. As soon as I find it we will have some updates. Good gravy - I am a mess!!!

July 13, 2009

Updates Galore Coming!!

I have a couple photos of what I have been working on lately and I am wrapping up a few swap loose ends. I haven't done much sewing this month so far, but I have done tons of needlework. I also have the winners for May and June's Because I Matter Challenge to post. I have decided to enter the two top winners each month so that there will be 8 selections to choose from at the end of the summer! Keep watching for more photos of all the projects this summer. These ladies are making some great items!!!

See you tomorrow with updates!

July 2, 2009

Because I Matter Challenge Voting Round Two

It is time to vote for your favorite June item. I changed the voting this time. You will find the voting to side of this post. You can only VOTE ONCE, so choose your item wisely. Once you have voted, you CANNOT VOTE AGAIN! You can only choose one item to vote for as well. Spread the word on your blogs so we can get a ton of votes.

To see the photos, go to:
Because I Matter Flickr Photos

This month's photos are at the front of the downloads. There are still photos from last month. Any photo from the picnic placemats on were last months. Vote on the photos before the picnic placemat.

Good Luck Everyone! Voting ends July 8th!
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