August 30, 2012

Dining Room/Coffee Table Makeover


The dining room set and light fixture

We rent and therefore, you can do little changes to your place without taking down walls etc.  Our landlord is great and allows us to paint, etc.  I have hated the light fixture since we moved in. I hate the carpet too, but that's another topic for another day :).  I love our dining room set but always wanted it to be black.  Here is the middle process.  We still need to seal it - but it is almost done. I reupholstered the pads several months ago, but now they look perfect with the set.

(Ignore the hubs in the background doing laundry!!) The round table is the coffee table, I forgot to take a before photo.  The little triangle around the table are little stools to sit on. I am in the process of changing those too.  The table was brown with leather. I got the table for free from MIL but I hate brown.  So, we are making it work.  Pictures to follow soon of the coffee table.  We also got a new rug:

We got a new run in the living room and moved the gray one to the dining room.  Once the pads are on the stools it will be complete. I still need a gray sectional for the living room but that is one taking some time to find exactly what I want and in our budget range :).

The light fixture up close on the box.  Love this and got it for $25 at Lowe's.  We have placed the old light fixture in the closet should our landlord want it placed back up when we leave (why, I would never know???).  As you can see in the above photos that the hook was placed in a strange place to hang a light fixture.  That is next on the hubs list to move the light fixture actually over the table. It will be so fantastic when it is all complete.

I have some general accessories to still find and I am working on a table runner for the dining room to bring color in. I love black and grays - but I know I need to bring some punch in.  Updates coming as soon as I can find what I like!

August 29, 2012

I did not make these.....

Shoes for a party - hot stuff!

But shoes are an art form to me :).  I had a big party I attended back in July where one of my friends was receiving awards and my non-profit I work for did as well.  So - I got a cute black cocktail dress but needed awesome shoes to bring it up a notch. I had envisioned bright pink shoes and wanted them to be adorable.  Here is the crazy part...... I found them in under 20 minutes for $29.  I walked into DSW, walked around, went to the clearance and saw these shoes.  Tried them on and next thing I knew - I was at the cash register.  My husband had the look of shock on his face as he had snacked and hydrated before leaving the house for an all day marathon for shoe shopping.  These shoes were a hit and women were stopping me left and right to say how much these loved them.  I heart them too!

August 28, 2012

Cute Headband

I bought this cute headband at a small business in Tulsa, OK a few months ago while visiting my mom.  I just love it!  So much that I took a photo at work to text to friends and family. I do work, I promise!!  I am thinking I might need to make a few more to match all of my outfits!

August 27, 2012

I am an artist.....

Well, maybe just a tulip artist.  Some friends asked the hubs and I to join them for a painting class.  What a blast!  You can bring food and wine (which we did - lots of wine) and then the instructor takes you step by step through how to paint the item. You can choose your own colors and I am proud to say I was the only yellow and pink!!   We had a great, where do I hang these??

PS - I am winking - looks like I only have one eye :)

August 26, 2012

For my friend Jen

My friend Jen worked with me for about a year and just recently took a job at another company.  While I was sad to see her go, I knew the new job would fit her so well.....and she loves it!  I made a special mug rug for her to take to her new job.  There is a story behind this mug rug:

I work for a non-proft as a social worker that assists people diagnosed with cancer.  Jen was our activity manager and she also helped arrange speaking engagements to ask for companies to consider work place giving to our organization.  For those who do not know me well - I have always loved Firemen.  I have a weak spot for them and often turn into a hot mess when speaking with one. 

One day, Jen approached me saying that a Fire Department had requested we come out three different days to speak with Firemen and she had thought of me right away.  Now that's a good friend (although my husband might disagree!).  I could only do one of the days - Monday.  So come the weekend before my speaking engagement, my car died and I was stranded at home waiting for a rental car and could not speak Monday. I ended up switching around with Jen and agreed to do Wednesday and she drove me to the speaking engagement - once again - a good friend!!  Well, Jen and my boss took the other two days and they spoke to some pretty hot men.  So, Wednesday rolls around and I am pumped!!  I get there - and not to be mean - but I got the leftovers. I have a strong aversion to mustaches. I always have even since my childhood.  I would say three fourths of the room had mustaches and there wasn't a whole lot of muscle either.  Jen kept saying she was sorry that I got the leftovers and she got the hunks.  There were 2 pieces of eye candy there and I got a wink from one - so that made the day better :)

I couldn't believe it when I was out fabric shopping and found some firemen fabric. I bought it and set out making a mug rug. One side has firemen - the other side has chevron zig zags in red, blug and black.  Here is the front:
I used the part that had the hunky man on it and then sewed the mustache man in at the bottom.  She laughed so hard when I gave it to her and loved it.  She keeps the chevron side up at work (she is so much better behaved than me - I would totally have the guys face up) and peeks at the firemen side when days are bad or she just needs a jump start.  I was so happy to make this for her and so very happy that she loved it as much as she did!!

August 25, 2012

Memory Loss

I can't remember if I have shown you the mini quilt I made for the Doll Quilt Swap from Flickr.  This was my first true mini quilt that I did everything on: assembling, quilting and binding.  First binding ever.  Not too shabby for a beginner if I say so myself!!

Doll Quilt Swap - What I Mailed

Doll Quilt Swap - What I Mailed

August 24, 2012

Next WIP to complete

I started this quilt back with the quilt along. I did great until it was time to add the background shade. I chose a new background fabric twice as each did not quite fit well enough with the star.  Both times it WAY overpowered my star.  So, I put it away for awhile as I was frustrated and now I have brought it back out to see the light!!  Now, back to the same question I had a few months ago - what color to use?????

made in cherry2

I used a tangerine and that was way too bright. I had a lilac purple and it looked way out of place.  I have considered a dark eggplant purple.  What do you think? Any suggestions?  I want to try to stay away from white and cream.

August 23, 2012

Quilt for my Mother In Law

I can share this one block on here as I let my MIL already see it. Just as a sample and a teaser.  As long as I have been in the family (12 years now), she has been asking and hinting for a quilt and she loves red and white quilts. 

I went to my local quilt shop (well, an hour and half away) and they had a block of the month that fit perfectly!!  The pattern is Michael Miller Clubhouse and the fabric line is called Cottage.  I let my MIL choose from a couple different red/white quilts and she chose this one.  The club started late so we won't finish the block until January so it will be a late Christmas gift, but one I hope is worth waiting for.  Here is the first block:

debbie block

August 22, 2012

Gifts for the Husband

We went to Portland, OR in May for vacation. My husband had requested two items for this trip: a new neck pillow and a Nook holder.  I have to say that I almost stole his Nook holder.  I loved it, but it definitely describes him better, so I let him keep it!

bart pillow

Front of the neck pillow

bart pillow 2

The back

bart nook 2

Front of the nook cover

bart nook

The back

The best part is that he loved them and used them.  I love to see him using items I have made.  It makes me happy to be able to make things for him that he likes to use.

August 21, 2012

Blocks I have made for my Bee Groups

Here are some of the recent blocks I have made for the past several months at the request of the monthly Queen Bees:

Stone Cathedral Block

Blocks and Book Bee

Stone Cathedral

Pinwheel Block


I forgot to take the picture after I added the middle circle!!


March BBB1

April BBB1

Animal Block

b&b 1

b&b too1

Some of these may be repeats, but I couldn't remember what I had posted already!  You can find these blocks and more in The Modern Block Book.

August 20, 2012

Pinwheels top finally done!!


It took forever, but I finally finished the top.  This was a quilt along with Pinwheels in the Park on Flickr.  I can't wait to have it quilted and use it.  My friends always ask who the quilts are for that I make.  They keep being made for me because I love the fabrics too much.  I need to start using fabrics I am not in love with and then I can give them away. Until then, they are all MINE!!  Can anyone tell that I am an only child??
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