August 27, 2008

Vacation Highlights and A giveaway

I forgot to tell you that I visited the most AWESOME fabric store EVER in San Francisco on vacation. Thanks to everyone who suggested I stop by Britex. My husband got the giggles at my face. He said I was walking around in awe and amazement. The notions floor....... spectacular! I set a limit to what I could spend and good thing I did. A girl could do some real damage in there!

Other fun stuff...... I saw Gary Bussey at Disneyland. What a star sighting. My husband and I are big fans of the show The Soup and he loves to play the clip where Gary threatened an interviewer with ripping her endocrine system out. So, here we are at Disney - someone bumps into me slightly - I say excuse me a bit sarcastically and look at my assaulter. Gary Bussey! Yeah - I quickly ran to my husband and we were behind him going into a line at Disney. We looked at each other and smiled. After he walked off a different direction from us, my husband and I looked at each other and said, "I should rip out your endocrine system". Evidence that we spend too much time together watching The Soup!!

I have reached my 200th post a few back already. My problem is that I can't decide what to giveaway. Once I get back this weekend from visiting with my husband's grandmother, I will make a decision and post it next week.

I have started school again, and I start my first field hours next week (400 by mid December must be completed - holy cow!!!) - plus work. So, if I am a little slower than normal to respond, I am not ignoring you - just working like crazy!

August 25, 2008

Vacation Photos Are Here!!!

I went to - forget flickr!! We had over 250 photos, so I tried to weed out several so you wouldn't be here a week watching photos!! We went to San Francisco, celebrated our 8th anniversary, visited Alcatraz ( that was really what I wanted to see), Yosemite, and Disneyland! We had a great time but my dog was so happy to see us. He has been sleeping since we brought him home. I guess canine camp was a blast! Enjoy the photos!

$&*@$%^*(&^%$ Flickr!!!!

My vacation photos are fighting with me!!! Once flickr and I work out our issues, I will hopefully have some photos to show you! While I work it out - here is one of my favorite photos from vacation. I may give up and make a slide show of some of my fav photos from the trip - we will see what I can get accomplished tomorrow!!!

August 24, 2008

Two Videos To Hold You.......

while I work on downloading millions of photos from vacation!! It may take a moment for both to appear but these are some of our favorites. I have some more from the fireworks show at Disneyland - so keep checking in this week for links to our vacation!!!


What a vacation!! Full of fun moments and stressful moments! My husband received a call while on vacation to learn that his grandmother had suffered from a heart attack and was undergoing surgery. She pulled through and is recovering well - thank goodness. The weird thing about this is that two years ago my husband and I went on a week long vacation. While on vacation his other grandmother was placed in the hospital. My brother-in-law informed my husband we are banned from week long vacations in the future!! Who can blame him?

I am currently uploading my photos on flickr from our vacation and will supply a link as soon as they are all in and organized - if you so choose to see our adventures.

I am working on putting the swap together tonight and will get the swap up and running tomorrow. By mid week - it should be time for a giveaway for my 200th post! I hope you will join in all the fun. It has been weird to be back in front of a computer again. Hopefully I will be back in the groove of things tomorrow! Stop by tomorrow and sign up for the swap!!!

August 14, 2008

Vacation Here I Come!!!!

Tomorrow starts my official vacation until the 23rd!! I made it! I will have very little contact with my email and blog (Oh the horror and the anxiety!!!). Any left over We The People Swap items will be dealt with when I get home. If by friday the 22nd you still have not received a bag - please email me and I will get in touch with your partner and figure it out!!! In the mean time- get ready for the second installment of We The People Swap!! I will be starting sign ups on -Sunday, August 24th - after the results are in from YOUR votes - how exciting. I am hitting a fabric store while on vacation, so keep your fingers crossed that I find LOTS of good stuff. I will miss you all and will have so much to catch up with on all of your blogs. No making Fabulous creations until I get home and have a chance to ooooh and aaaaaah.

Today was also my last day at JoAnn. I had such a fabulous summer there and met such wonderful people - probably the best JoAnn team EVER!!!
I also will be hosting a giveaway soon after my return. I am a few posts away from my 200th! Watch for more details!!

Okay, off to work for 7 hours and then to some major packing. Yay!

August 11, 2008

Awesome Aprons!!!

I got my Hittin the Trail and Aprons with Profile Surprise aprons!!! Love them!!!!!

I made this apron for the Hittin the Trail Swap for my partner:


Here is what I have been doing the last few days:

An anchor dress

My Anniversary outfit (see here to see the back of the shirt)

Pink Scottie Skirt

My Messenger Bag by Sew Liberated

I still have a shirt to make out of Alexander Henry's Bird Seed fabric. Should be cute!!! I also spent the weekend finishing up some swaps. Photos coming soon!!!

August 10, 2008

We The People Swap News and Photos

The first We The People Swap has come to a close and everyone is busy either enjoying their new totes or wrapping up making their totes. I had a fantastic time doing this swap. The level of talented ladies in this swap was UNBELIEVABLE!!! Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself:

You can see all the amazing tote bags at the we the people flickr site! Thank you all for participating and what a fun time!!!

Now - as you saw above our FIRST we the people swap has closed. How about a second one? I thought the we the people theme was a blast - so we will do it again. What I am going to do is create a poll with some different possibilities and ask you all to vote! What do you want to make next. Watch closely for the poll. It should be up and operating sometime later today!!! Every vote counts..... so get your voice heard!

August 7, 2008

2 Bags Down, 2 More To Go

I finished my mom's bag last night. I am loving this pattern, the Gnome Messenger Bag from Sew Liberated. Check it out!! My mom loves pepsi..... I mean LOVES. So when she found this material she insisted something be made from it. Check out this "something" I made with the fabric:

Now I just have to finish my bag, my tote bag for my swap partner ( I decided to use this pattern because I am loving how BIG these bags are!!!), and I have to make another tote bag to use as my carry on bag for vacation (which is almost a week away now - yahoo!!).

Still have tons of clothes to make this weekend and I have tons of swaps to get out in the mail. Busy busy!! I don't know if I will get to sleep this weekend!! Wish me luck. I am needing to sew like Christy does - boy can she accomplish a lot!!!

August 6, 2008

Patterns for Sale

I have some patterns for sale in my Etsy shop. I have about another 30 to add into my shop, but I want to get some of my stock out of my closet. These are patterns from my husband's grandmother's collection. Most are from the 70s and a few from the 60s. Most of the sizes are 10 - but I am sure a lot of them can be customized. So here is what I am offering:

$3.00 for each pattern!!!!

I want them out of my shop! Stop by my shop and help me make some space in my craft room!!!!!

August 5, 2008

Intervention and We The People Tote Bag

You know that show Intervention? I think we had our own intervention here yesterday and today. I went to bed Sunday with Internet and woke up Monday without Internet. I was having shakes, anger, and major withdrawal symptoms. My husband got it working again tonight ( I love that man!!! ). I have been hugging my computer all night!!

Check out the AWESOME tote bag that I received from Debye in the We The People Swap:

I haven't had a chance to take my own photos yet, so I stole this from her site!! I will add some more on later this week hopefully. She sent a cute little flower, a great tutorial set, and some fabric I have been wanting for months. I will add those later this week. I received the bag yesterday and immediately changed out my purse for the bag. I received so many compliments on it today..... and it's all mine!!!!! Thank you so very much Debye. What a fantastic bag. I couldn't have asked for anything to describe me better than this bag. Here is the amazing thing folks.... this is her first bag she has ever made. She is crazy talented!! Envy me!

August 3, 2008

I Am A Lucky Girl!!

Have you ever had a week where you just wonder "How do I get out of the twilight zone?". Well, I had one of those weeks. First the plague hit a couple of weeks ago, then my mom called saying my grandpa was feeling well (he is doing better now but still needs some happy thoughts and prayers), and then I injure my back somehow. I couldn't move my left arm last night, and thank goodness I could move it more today.

Then (and this is actually funny) I fell out of my explorer today. My foot got caught in my bag and I hit my knee on the door and almost planted my face on the car next to mine! That was actually funny. I screamed out "Son of A" and then remembered we were at the grocery store and children are around. Close your eyes and picture it (see - it makes you laugh - doesn't it?)

Then I received the Arte Y Pico award.... AGAIN! How can a girl be so lucky as to have TWO people in the crafting community consider my little blog creative and deserving. What a great way to exit the Twilight Zone. Stop by and check out Aunt Pitty Pat's blog!!! You can visit for her kind and generous summary of my blog. Thanks Aunt Pitty Pat - you are quite the creative gal yourself!!!

Yee Haw and Move Them Out (Buttons That Is)

Here is the apron I made for the Hittin the Trail swap led by our fearless leader and my wonderful friend Val:

It is actually made out of red fabric (although the one picture looks orange). I had to turn the flash off on the one photo because the shine from the rhinestones kept interfering!! I used Alexander Henry's Sagebrush Sweetheart fabric and some polka dot fabric from JoAnn. I added Osnaburg fabric because I wanted a burlap look (but didn't want my partner to be getting exfoliated every time she wore the apron!!!!) I then glued rhinestones on. Not very practical - I know - but who can have a cowgirl apron without rhinestones????

Now on to buttons:

My button barrettes are now complete thanks to Amy Karol and Sew Simple. I have them resting and drying as you read this:

After I glued the buttons onto the metal barrettes (which will go in the handy holders I made from Sew Simple- I decided to tape them down to give them extra support. I can't wait to show you the final product. They will be done drying tomorrow night!!!

So- you want to make your own covered buttons? They are so easy that I feel so ridiculous for being intimidated by the process. Here is how easy it is:

1. Buy the kit from your local craft store (go JoAnn's - sorry - a girl has to be loyal)

2. Cut a circle out of the fabric of your choice. A circle can be found on the back of the kit you buy to cut out. How awesome is that????

3. Place your circle in the middle of the white button maker.

4. Take the metal circle button piece and place in the middle too. Push down into the button case.

5. Smush the fabric sticking up down......

6. Using the back metal piece of your button and push down with the blue pusher downer piece that comes in the kit ( I know... I am using such technical words!!!)

7. Turn the button maker over and push on the bottom to get the button out.

8. And you are finished!!!!

See how a girl could consider button making addicting and fun. I even had my husband make one today. He didn't seem to have the same enthusiastic response as I did. Guess he just doesn't get it!

Off to finish another apron and some tote bags!!

August 1, 2008

Tote Bag Help Needed!!!!

Some of you had volunteered if I needed anyone to be an "angel" for my tote swap bag that I could call on you. Well, I need your help. The deadline for the swap is next friday and I have a gal that needs a bag. Can anyone offer to be an angel? I will send you the info of what she would like and we can get it in the mail quickly to her. Thanks for your help ahead of time!!!!
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