March 31, 2008

Package Completed and Mailed

I did it!!! I finished the Flirty Apron Swap last night at 12:30am. That includes the apron and the packaging. I can't put too many pictures up yet, just in case my partner stops by. There are a few that I could show you possibly. Let me at least tell you what I did. I made a full bib apron and the theme I chose for my partner's packaging and other gifts included was a Bakery Theme. I can't wait to show you everything, but I have to wait until she receives the packaging to go into detail. Even though I had to make a second apron because my dog destroyed the first, I still had a blast and would do it again. Now comes the agonizing part of a swap - WAITING! I cannot wait to see her response. Hope she loves it. Here are the couple of photos I can show you!

My husband offered to model the finished product this time. I have a sneaky suspicion the voluntary response was because of a certain amount of "ladies comments" he so enjoyed!!! Don't you love how his hair looks like two devil horns!!

I put the cupcake material on two towels I purchased for my partner. It was kind of fun to make the towels. I have more to show you, but I can't spoil it for my partner. Hopefully in less than a week I will have the rest of the photos up. Can't wait to show you how I packaged it!

March 30, 2008

Project Destroyed Apron Almost Completed!!

I am completing my second Apron for the Flirty Apron Swap today and all the little projects that go with it. If you missed out on why I am on the second apron, read this. I will have pictures posted by tonight or tomorrow morning. Nothing like barely making the deadline!!!

March 28, 2008

Don't Forget.........

There are some sign up deadlines approaching!

Sassy Apron Swap sign up STARTS Tuesday, April 1st. If you missed out on the first round of swapping it's not too late to join the fun!!!!

Bend the Rules Swap sign up DEADLINE is March 31st. Sign up to receive a cool partner and a new bag. FUN! Check out the book by Amy Karol if you haven't already! Cool Stuff!

Have A Heart Exchange sign up DEADLINE is March 31st. If you are interested in signing up - let me know. The lead swap organizer has her profile set to private. I can get an email to her to get you in touch with her! The deadline is not until December so you have plenty of time to make hearts!!

There is no deadline for this group. Join us at a new website and make your own page. Meet ladies from all over the US who love to make aprons. Share and swap ideas! Visit the Apronista and look for me on there. We do have a project which STARTS on April 1st and lasts the whole month. The assignment is to repurpose or refashion something you already own to make an apron. Find more information here!

March 27, 2008

When Animals Attack

Well, I was almost finished with my Flirty Apron Swap apron for my partner, when a horrible, horrible thing happened! My dog got a hold of the apron and chewed on it. He is not a puppy but has been acting up lately. I think he is angered by the whole sewing thing replacing time with me. Who knows???? So, thanks to my loving black and white dog - I have had to start over. I am determined to get my apron and package out by Saturday. I will not fail my partner!!! My dog, however, may not see a snack in his future for the next week or so!!!! When I asked him what he had done, he looked at me like he is in this picture:

He is awful cute!!! He is going to have to work off his debt to me though. The door to the craft room has been officially closed!!!

March 25, 2008

Future Project

I am so excited to start a 10 minute craft activity once I complete my FAS apron for my partner (which will be tomorrow if everything goes smoothly). I bought and downloaded these:

I plan to cut out several of my favorite and attach them to clear gems or rocks you can purchase at your local craft store. Once they are glued on - I plan to attach a magnet to the back and use them on my refrigerator and on my new file cabinet. I will put a picture on here hopefully by this weekend of how they turned out. Interested in downloading these too? Visit Piddix's shop on Etsy.

When School Goes Bad.......

Today was not a good day in my class at school. Rather than let myself get down in the dumps - I decided to work it out! My husband usually puts together items around the house. I have a wonderful husband as many of you have previously seen and he really does treat me well. He will frequently do what he knows would make me happy, runs out to get me candy bars at 10pm at night and lets me post pictures of him on my blog! I will get into a pattern where I will let him do everything, but tonight, I did for myself!! I am woman - hear me roar. I assembled a red file cabinet to store my craft fabrics, scraps and whatever else needs a home. I got the unit from IKEA which many of you may know requires studying pictures with no words! After an hour, I had hammered, screwed, pushed and folded the entire file cabinet ALL BY MYSELF. It was just what I needed. I feel so competent - what else can I do? Where is my husband's car???? :)

Being A Housewife Is A Joy

We have several Barnes and Noble stores around us moving to newer stores which means out with the old books and in with the new to the tune of 40% off. That is better than my husband's employee discount!!! My mom came into town for a few days over Easter break and bought me loads of fabric and some books - this one being the coolest:

I love the 1950s housewife pictures and the modern sayings attached to them crack me up. Pick up this book sometime and enjoy the pictures!!!

Smocking Has Taken Over!!

What about post titles makes me get corny? When considering this post, I began to consider what should my title be? I started with song titles: Drop, Pop, and Smock It - Smock It Likes It Hot - Smock Like There's No Tomorrow. I went into the television world : Smocking - the Final Frontier. I went too corny - Once, Twice, Three Times a Smocker. STOP!!!! It appears my real talent is sewing and not naming a post. So - allow me to refocus and continue on with what the real intent of this post was meant to be - I want to Smock. However, the books I have checked out from my local libraries (which are very good libraries - don't get me wrong) are horrible!! Can anyone recommend some good smocking material that I can study and prepare to Smock until the cows come home. I know, I know - I can't seem to stop!!!! I still love Drop, Pop and Smock It! HA!

March 24, 2008

New Swap, New Project Attempt

I am branching out from the world of aprons and challenging my comfort level. I have signed up to participate in the Bend the Rules Swap. Bend the Rules is an excellent book written by Amy Karol. Check out the button located on the right side of my blog and sign up too. I am going to be making a bag. I can't wait to see who my partner is. Sign up ends on Monday, March 31st. You are not too late. Join me!!

March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Enjoy today and spending time with family and crafts!!

March 21, 2008

Jam To My Songs

I put four of my favorite songs that I like to listen to as I am sewing on my blog. They are located under Tracey's Sewing Jams on the right. Play a song and stay awhile !! Get jammin!

Some new projects

I am almost done with my apron for the Flirty Apron Swap and have started thinking about some other projects I will be starting. There will be the Sassy Apron Swap starting again on April 1st. Watch the website for sign ups if you want in on the fun!!! I have a secret project I am starting for my niece's birthday but I can't say just yet what it is. I also plan to make some reading pillows and messenger bags found at Montessori by Hand.

I am currently trying to work on a link that you can peruse some of my craft music that I like to jam to as I sew. Check back soon!!

March 20, 2008

Thank You

I couldn't have as much fun as I had the last couple of days without your help. My husband received 12 comments. 12 comments!!!!! I don't know if I will be seeing a dress form any day soon, but I have to say I think I noticed more of a strut while my husband was walking around the house in the last day!! He was such a good sport and we really enjoyed the comments. Many of you I have known for awhile and some of you have become new friends. Thank you for your interest in my blog and for being interested in a hobby of mine.

The other day I had a friend say that she was tired of not being happy. It has stayed with me since she has said it, and made me stop and consider - what makes someone happy? I am blessed with good health, a wonderful husband, a great family, loyal and funny friends, a fantastic job, the chance to return to school and an appreciation for humorous things. With all those things said, what truly makes me happiest is the peace I have received through crafts. When sewing and making an item, I get to be who I want to be. I get to wear what fits me and makes me happy. I get the satisfaction of knowing I am able to create something that will make me happy. According to my studies that I am currently in with school right now, the age range of the 30's is a more peaceful time than the 20's and it is a time of understanding and exploring one's identity. Now I am in the beginning of this phase since I just turned 31, but I am finding some truth in that identity development.

I think I am happy because I am finally allowing myself to become who I want to become, and giving myself permission to not apologize for who I want to be. I spent so much time in my early 20's especially worried about pleasing everyone else first and not wanting to step on ANYONE'S toes, that I pushed what I liked and enjoyed to the back. I basically told my identity to take a back seat to the identity that others wanted me to be. I am happy to say that sewing has shown me that I am the best of who I am when I am making and creating.

We crafters are lucky people. Our individuality is celebrated and encouraged by all. SO - a big thank you to all of you for your kind comments, your interest in what I make, for my old friends who have walked with me as I have slowly begun to understand who I am and for the new friends who have just started this journey with me. Find out what makes you happiest and enjoy it to the fullest!!!

March 19, 2008

Kalyn and her Tutu

Remember the no sew tutu I made for my niece? Take a look at how cute she is:

We also sent her a pug and a purse for her to carry her dog around in. She is too cute. For a couple other photos, take a look at our family blog! She is so cute - I just want to squeeze her!! We have some good looking people in our family!

Now that is a Best Friend

I received my apron today from the Flirty Apron Swap. My best friend, Sarah, had my name. The computer randomly selected names, and Sarah got mine!! Funny stuff! I have wanted a cowgirl apron since we have moved to Texas, but could never find one. Well - the search is over. Sarah gave me a cowgirl apron with a badge included. That's right -there is a new sheriff in Texas and you best watch your step! I thought the best way for you all to see the awesome apron and gifts I received would be through a slideshow.

Didn't she do a great job? I love it all!! I am actually looking forward to cleaning my house now. I can't wait for some cookouts either. Thank you so much Sarah. It was a great apron and an even better gift to receive from my best friend. Can I get a YEEHAW????

March 18, 2008

How Do I Know My Husband Loves Me?

Because he let me do this to him:
My favorite part of the picture is the tough guy face he has on. I needed to make sure that the materials looked okay before starting to sew, and I needed a model. My hope is if I do this enough to him maybe one day I will come home and find a dress form in the corner. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Thank you Bart for letting me post this. I am sure many women will be envious I have a husband who supports my sewing addiction! He looks cute in cupcake material, right ladies? Help me out!!!! ** Tell everyone you know to check out my husband and let's see how many comments I can get on how cute he is. Maybe if we all flatter him, that dress form will find a new home WINK WINK***

Big Talker

Yesterday I worked my sewing machine out. I finished one apron, started another apron and made myself a little placemat to set my sewing machine on. Of course, when I was getting the most tired, my sewing machine kept making a thread mistake (hello seam ripper). I was getting so frustrated that I finally said "If you don't get your act together machine, I am going to throw you in a landfill where no one will ever use you again!". Now my green friends, you can relax - I wouldn't dream of throwing my sewing machine in the landfill - but it worked!! No more mess ups. Some may suggest it was the operator of the machine - but let's be honest - how many times have you messed up on a project just to scream at your machine?

The best part of the whole tirade was realizing I was sitting at my craft desk with the blinds open screaming at a machine. The local psychiatric ward has not made an appearance yet on my front door step - but the day has only just begun!!!

Am I the only yeller or are there more of you out there?

March 17, 2008

The picture is......

Fruity Pebbles. I have had several people asking me what my picture was located in the header of my blog. I love this cereal and I love how bright it is. So, I poured a bowl and snapped a picture. I think it adds fun!! Mystery solved. Thanks for the emails. I appreciate the interest!

Havana Nights Completed

I have finished my Havana Nights Apron finally. I made it like the apron I made my partner for the Sassy Apron Swap. After I made my partner's apron I had a hard time letting it go. So, I thought now I could make my own. It turned out great and I love it. Now, I just have to get my husband to take my picture in it and then get it to the group to post with the other Havana Aprons. Now to start my partner's apron for the Flirty Apron Swap. Busy Busy!!

"Have A Heart" Exchange

New Posts Can be found below. Keep looking!! I will keep this up for awhile at the top!

This is such a cute exchange idea. The organizer of this group liked this idea but didn't want to make all the hearts by herself. So, she decided let's get a bunch of people to make hearts!! All you have to do is make enough hearts for everyone in the group (20 members = 20 hearts). The great thing about this exchange is the hearts aren't due to everyone until the beginning of December. So you have some time to work on hearts. Maybe complete 1 or 2 a month depending on how many people sign up. The deadline is APRIL 1ST. The organizer has a blog that is set to private. If you are interested in joining the fun, leave a comment or contact me through my profile. I will then get your info to the organizer. Thanks and come join the fun!!!

And the Material Goes To.......


Here is the material I selected from the free giveaway from Beelicious! Aren't the cherries great? I love it!

March 16, 2008

Friends and Husbands

Well, I didn't get a thing done this weekend for sewing, however I spent all of Saturday with my husband running errands and celebrating my birthday since it fell during the week! As much as I love crafting and sewing it was wonderful to spend some alone time together perusing books at the library and going out to dinner to celebrate my birth. We laughed, he took me to JoAnn Fabrics and spent time with me looking around and he bought me the best book for my birthday. My book has a different cover but it is the same book. I LOVE the 50s pinup girls and this was one of the best gifts my husband has ever given me. I couldn't stop smiling and holding it last night. It looks fantastic on my craft table. (NOTE TO PARENTS: Even though the book is filled with just drawings, there are some pictures showing breasts. You may not want it on your coffee table!!!). Take a look at The Great American Pin-Up on Amazon. Thank you Bart for giving me a wonderful gift!

I also spent today going to JoAnn Fabrics with friends today. We have decided to start getting together and spend time crafting. Today was spent picking out patterns, material, cutting patterns and fabric out. It was a blast. Now, I have to play catch up, but I wouldn't change my weekend if I had the chance. Sometimes it is just a good idea to slow down, enjoy people and give yourself a chance to really miss sewing. I did just that!!!

I won the contest!!!!!!!

I won the drawing on the Flirty Apron Contest!!!! I got the chance to choose 4 fat quarters/1 yd of fabric from the Beelicious site. You have got to stop by and check out her fantastic selection of fabric. I had such a hard time choosing. Once I make sure she has enough material to send me, I will post a picture of it on here. I went for the cherries!!! Shawnee, the organizer for the Flirty Apron Contest suggested I go and buy a lottery ticket. I had made the joke that I was a lucky charm because two of my friends have won the last 2 contests I signed up for. Maybe I should make a stop today........ Thanks Shawnee for the drawing and thanks Laura from Beelicious. Now comes the hardest part..............What do I make????

March 14, 2008

What's In A Name

I have joined a swap with some different criteria! All you have to do is once you are assigned a partner's name, go to their blog, find out what they like, and then send them items. Here is any example:

T - a train
R- a razor
A - an apron
C- candy canes
E- pink envelopes and stationary
Y- Yarn
(I don't actually like some of these items, they are just examples!!)

The items have to start with the letter of the partner's name and be things that they like listed on their blogs. Too fun! Join the fun here!

Apron Madness

This weekend's agenda includes working on two aprons. The first is my apron for my partner participating in the Flirty Apron Swap and the other is for Havana Nights Tie One On Project. The pattern I am using for the FAS apron is:

I am using the middle pattern for my partner's apron and here are the materials I am using:

The Havana Nights Material is:

The pattern I am using for the Havana Nights Theme apron is: I didn't use this one. I didn't like the pattern when I cut it out (not the frilly one, i can't wait to make that one). I also fell in love with my partner's apron, so I decided to go back and make my own!!!

I am making the apron that the lady in the blouse and jeans is wearing in the sketch. Fun!!

Watch the blog for progress!!!

March 13, 2008

Pattern organization Project

Yesterday was project day but I only got one accomplished. However, I feel like it was quite the feat and something I had to do before I could really sit down and sew in my new craft space. I have my patterns stored in a container on my craft rack:

My patterns have never been organized.... UNTIL NOW! Here is how I cataloged the patterns on my computer.

First, I opened a folder underneath my personal files and selected Pictures:

Then I created a PATTERNS file:

Then I took an individual picture of each pattern I owned making sure that I could see the number of each one:

Once I downloaded all my patterns into the computer, I labeled each one as the number and brand. For the one shown above, I labeled it as 9664 SC (S=simplicity and C= to tell me it was a classic pattern or an older one! On all of my more current patterns I just have an S after them). I then separated each pattern into smaller categories such as Pants, Dresses, Tops etc....

And PRESTO... when you open up each folder by pattern topic you can find all of my patterns listed by number and company. I figured this would make it easier to find patterns or to see if I have a certain pattern that would match a fabric I have found!

Now I have the patterns organized in my container matching the list in each folder on my computer. I am hoping this saves me time as I am looking for something specific!!

It took me probably about 3 hours to do - which some of you are saying "I wish I had 3 hours". If you can't allot that much time - try to strive to do 5 a day or 5 a weekend until you are done. I only completed mine at one time because I have perfectionist tendencies and I have about 5 more organization projects on my list I want to complete before really starting my sewing projects. Good Luck and let me know if any of you have a different system or incorporate a system. I would love to see how different minds work!!!

My friends are winners!!!

Okay, that might sound like a hokey commercial doesn't it, but I mean something different. I decided to sign up for two different apron swaps for the first time the last couple of months. Well, I encouraged some friends to join me too. I joined the Sassy Apron Swap and the Flirty Apron Swap. My sister-in-law, Kristen, won the SAS giveaway and my friend, Elisa, won the FAS. How funny is that? So, if you are wanting to win a giveaway - let me know and I will refer you. I am a lucky charm I guess! HA! I have a picture of Elisa from FAS and Kristen promises to send me a picture of the apron she chose when she receives it.

While we wait for that apron, here is the apron Kristen received from her Sassy Apron Swap partner. Cute isn't it?

Big List of Sewing Blogs

I'm listed in the big list of sewing blogs. Check out all the creative people!

March 12, 2008

More fun fabrics!

My husband and I found this fun material at JoAnn Fabric. Too cute isn't it? We like to camp and travel. I am still trying to decide what to make with it because it is flannel. It has to be something we can take on our travels. My husband is a fan of the tear drop trailers. Me - not so much!! I like a little room. He is the minimalist of the marriage!

This fabric is what I have had for months. I am working on a yoga mat carrier made from this. I can't wait to show you when it is finished!

Birthday Presents

I got these two gifts from my mom for my birthday. I love them! They are bright and fun. I had a girl at Starbucks tell me that my coat made her happy. It makes me happy too!

Suggestions needed!!!

Here is the lovely 1950s housewife material I am waiting for. Hopefully it will come in the mail this week!

I have no idea what I want to make with it. I am already participating in a lot of apron swaps, so I wanted to maybe try something else. Please leave any comments or suggestions on what you think I could make. I would love to consider new ideas. Thanks!

March 11, 2008

Special birthday message

Tomorrow is my 31st birthday and to my delight, people are posting special messages for me. Take a look at the fun! My bestest friend Sarah has paid a tribute to me through photos - yikes! My mom has left a message too. Thank you for your kind words and for helping me celebrate another year. Here's to another year of joy and fun!!

My Sassy Apron Partner

My partner loved her apron I made her for the Apron Swap I participated in last month. It was my first apron I have ever made and first real clothing item I have ever taken on. Take a look and see how wonderful it looks on her.

New Pattern and Lemony goodness!

While shopping for fabric with my friend Sarah this weekend, she pointed out this pattern:

I picked it up in Broken Arrow, OK while home visiting. Take a look at this cute shop, Cyrillas, we spent a WHOLE bunch of time in.

I found the lemon material later with my mom. Too cute isn't? I don't know what I am going to make with it, but I had to have it because it was fantastic. I picked it up at JoAnn Fabric if you feel the need to own it too!

Material for Obama Contest

I can't give away all my secrets, but I plan to use this material in the contest due in May. Interested in joining in the fun? Check out the Obama Tshirt Site.

Havana Nights Apron Material

I finally decided on material and will begin sewing my apron for the Havana Nights Theme. It still isn't too late to make an apron yourself. The deadline is by the end of March. To find out more, visit the Tie One On site.

Sleepy, Sleepy!!!

I have so much to post! New fabrics, apron patterns and more. Since it is 1am right now, I am going to pass on the posting of items now, but hope to have them all up by tomorrow. My happiest surprise - I was able to find a retro 1950s housewife fabric! My nice mom purchased 2 yards for me and I am so undecided on what to make with it. I will post a pic tomorrow. Maybe you could all help me decide. Any suggestions? HELP!

See you tomorrow with some fun fabric show-and-tell!!!

March 7, 2008

Apron Giveaway!!

If you are crazy over aprons or just love giveaways - take a look Not Quite June Cleaver. Great name for a blog, huh?

March 6, 2008

Big List of Sewing Blogs

I made it on to the Big List of Sewing Blogs and I am excited!!! Take a look at all the amazing blogs that are located on the list.

Fabrics and Designers I Love

Most sewers could probably admit to having a favorite fabric designer and I have two that I cannot get enough of. I love their designs!!!! I have two favorites. The first one is Robert Kaufman. You can find his stuff all over the internet, but I took my pictures off of La Chakra Ebay Store.

Here are some samples of Robert Kaufman:

The other designer I can't get enough of is Alexander Henry:

I especially crazy about this Alexander Henry fabric:
Too cute!!!
Now if I could just find some cowgirl or cowboy material I like. I want a cowboy something so bad!!!!!
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