August 27, 2009

What An Awesome Book!!!

Sewing is moving along slowly this week in the house. I have started back to school this week, so that means 9 hours a week is now spent in the classroom, 4o hours at work, and then down time. In the few moments before bed each night - I have been reading a couple pages of a book that I AM LOVING!!! I can't quite figure out what has exactly drawn me in with this book, but you MUST read it!

The book has been out for awhile and I am just obviously behind in the world of the living. The book is called:

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg.

This book is a personal look at Molly's life and recipes that have very dear memories and events attached to them. She started a blog and it ultimately led to this book. Check out her blog: Orangette.

I hope to have some more sewing to update after this weekend. I had a friend who said it was sad that I didn't have as many posts as I used to. I feel your pain too. I hate that I only get so much time to sew. I should have enjoyed the time I worked part time and could sew more!!

Now - go get a copy of this book and get ready for some good reading!!

August 25, 2009

I Need Your Help!

I don't normally do these types of things on my blogs, but I need your help. I am marching with my team this October to help end the fight against Alzheimer's Disease. I work with the senior population and plan to work with the geriatric population when I complete my social work degree.

I, of course, started my big talking at work about how I was going to raise the most money on our team and I am in PANIC mode now! When will I learn to keep my mouth quiet???

If you can help support me in my walk, there is a link that you can go to donate. I do not expect hundreds of dollars! If you can give $5.00 even - that would help in my efforts to raise money. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for listening and thank you especially if you decide to help me end Alzheimer's!

DONATE HERE and enter Tracey Willingham in the participant's name box. You will then be taken to my personal website on the Alzheimer's Association. I am working on building up my goals and webpage!!!


August 18, 2009

Nine Years and Going Strong!

We are a few pounds heavier, but there is a whole bunch of love!!!!
Nine years ago on August 19th, I married my best friend at a river side wedding (it was hot!!).
It was a fantastic day and exactly what I had dreamed of. Our marriage has been full of laughter, some tough times, some heartbreaking moments and most commonly - just plain normal days of fun.
Here is to 9 more years! I love you, Snakes!
(You like my dog in the background! He thought he should make a cameo in our photo.)

August 17, 2009

Busy Busy!!

I start back to my classes a week from today which equals less time to sew (BOOOOO!). Here is what I have been working on:
I kind of distorted it, but this is the free pattern download from Moda called Figgy Pudding. Too cute, huh?

Here is all of the fabric I need plus I have a few others tucked away in a basket too. I can't wait to start!!!

My friend hired me to make some blankets and burp clothes for some of her friends who are expecting babies. 4 girls!!! I have four burp clothes put together and still need to assemble four more. That way each mom can have two burpclothes and a blanket. I am also adding a bib from the same material for each baby too. Whoo - that's a lot of sewing. I hope to complete this project in the next two weekends! I have to say this project has been fun because I love the pink and zebra!!!

I also have been cutting out 192 strips of fabric for the Scrappy Christmas Block Swap. What fun!! I think I like the Modern Quilting better than classic. I have to assemble 12 blocks and I am making myself two extra blocks too. I also received my first set of two from one of my partners. I can't wait to figure out what type of projects I want to make with all of these blocks.
I suppose that is enough updating for now. I am also finishing up another swap item for one special gal who never received anything from a swap and a weekender bag for my friend Sarah!
Not to mention a million other projects I have on the planning board. Never enough time!
I spent last night watching several movies on my laptop while I was cutting and assembling. It made me wonder - what do you do when you sew? Listen to music, watch tv, watch movies, enjoy the silence, etc? I would like to know what most of us do when we sew. Leave me a comment and then I will update everyone in a couple days on what people do most often while sewing!

August 15, 2009

More Updates!!

I have been working on some projects.... slowly here and there! I am clearing my cutting table of projects, so pictures will come soon. As any good crafter does, I have about 5 projects going at once!! See you tomorrow!

August 4, 2009

Because I Matter Challenge

Voting for July's projects will start tomorrow night! I am taking the top two winners. If you are in this challenge, get your photos to me by tomorrow night! If you aren't in the challenge, stop back by tomorrow for your chance to vote on your favorite project!!
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