June 15, 2011

Busy making for others

I have been busy making items for other people - for $$$.  I love making money of my crafts and having the ability to buy what I enjoy with that money.  I could blow it in a few moments if I allowed myself to stay on Etsy long!!  Here are some capes I made recently for a friend at work to take to some friends' kids:

They were such a hit that some adults have ordered some now.  We all need to have a little fun, right?  Think I need one to wear at work.  I have made some cute things for friends but have forgotten to take pictures.

I finally finished my picnic blanket. I am making another one to write up a pattern to it.  My first ever!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that I can make a pattern easy to understand!  I am working on getting it copyrighted.  I might eventually be able to convince myself to make one or two for my Etsy shop.....maybe!!
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