April 29, 2008

My Summer Job At JOANN!!!!!!

I went and interviewed today at JoAnn and by this afternoon was hired on! I can't believe it. I am so excited to be working in such a crafty environment. I may hear heaven's voices when I walk through the door each day. Now - I have to behave myself while working there though because this job is to help pay for vacation in August with our extended family! Just to be able to walk into JoAnn a couple time a week - EXCITING!!! I start this Friday. I will let you know how it goes!

April 28, 2008

Book Suggestions Needed

My husband and I recently joined Paperback Swap. If you are a avid reader and don't mind swapping books, this is the club for you. There is no membership fee! You sign up and once you post 10 books, you get two credits free. How it works: You post books that you have and that you do not mind giving away. Someone will request one of your books and you mail it to them for about 2.50. Then once they receive the book, you get a credit. One credit will get one book. I have quite a wish list that I have built waiting for craft books to appear, but if you like fiction and non-fiction - this isn't a bad place to go. Take a look!
I have posted and swapped several books already but cannot find any books that I enjoy! Can you offer me any suggestions on books and authors? Rather than list all the authors I love and have read, let's just make it a free for all. I am in some desperate need of some books. I am fortunate enough to be able to read at work, but that also means I am clearing through books SO FAST. Thanks for your help.
TOPICS I LIKE: Mystery, Suspense, Romance, CHICK LIT!!!, some non-fiction, feminist or women literature, and craft books - of course!!
DO NOT LIKE: Science Fiction (But I do like books about witches, vampires, or ghosts), History, westerns, real life stories
If a book falls into my dislike category, but you feel I would like it, I would probably give it a try at least - so leave all suggestions. I just wanted to offer you some guidance in case you asked yourself "What does she like to read??"

April 27, 2008

May 12th - National Wear Your Apron Day

I found out through the crafty ladies at the Apronista Network that Monday, May 12th is Wear Your Apron Day. I will, of course, be wearing my own apron all day long - to the store, the mailbox, wherever!! I am hoping to complete a smock apron (like the one above) to wear on the 12th. I will post pics of where I wore my apron all day long. Tie an apron on and join us in the fun on May 12th!

Greta's First Gig: Obama T Shirt Complete

I joined the Crafters for Obama group back a couple of months ago and I completed my shirt today! I love how it turned out. I bought a material that had all 50 states on it and cut out the states that Obama won. I didn't include TX even though he did win the delegates from here. Part of the challenge was to use items you already had. I bought the fabric for the shirt, but I recycled the shirt from my closet and the pink letters from a project I made earlier in the year. I can't wait to wear it to class tomorrow for all my Obama friends to see. Regardless of how you feel about Obama, I hope you will find my shirt cute!

Greta, my new dress form, did a fantastic job modeling my new shirt!! Wish me luck! I could win some really nice prizes. Winners will be announced May 6th - keep your fingers crossed!

April 26, 2008

Want To Do Something Green For The Planet???

***Jillytacy let me know that the measurement 7.5 x 19 is for a big sandwich bread. She said if you use Wonder Bread or something similar - you may want to make your sandwich baggie 7.5 x 15. Good luck everyone. I can't wait to start on mine.*****
I found this great revised tutorial on Life With Nature Girl. You can make your own snack reusable bags instead of baggies. I added to her tutorial and bought vinyl at my local fabric store so that I can wipe out any jelly or sauce spills on the inside. I am hoping to start making some of these packs in about a week or two. I have a couple more swaps to finish up before I can start on these great packs. I plan to make some varying sizes in hopes that we will not have to purchase anymore baggies. The tutorial length for snack packs is 7.5 x 11 and she has listed in the comments 7.5 x 19 for sandwich baggies. You can go to her blog and download the directions!Doing our part around here to make the Earth a better place for my niece!!!

April 25, 2008

The Girl Has A Name!!!!

I thought it only fitting to have my "old dress form" select his new replacement. He may have to still model a project from time to time to not hurt his feelings! It is with great joy that I introduce you to my new dress form named........... Greta. Thank you, Katie Bella, for selecting a name that is full of personality. I will no doubt have many fond memories spent with Greta throughout the evenings and years of sewing.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment on my blog. Your interest to my little blog was overwhelming and so very appreciated. Thank you!!!

Don't feel sad yet - for those of you who posted about the giveaway on your blog - my "old dress form" has selected one of you as a recipient of a great craft apron. The second winner of a craft apron is Cathy Jean. Congratulations!!

For everyone who posted on their blog about this giveaway - thank you. Your kind words about my crafts and sewing abilities meant the world to me. I was very humbled to see many of you consider me craft worthy - especially after viewing all your talented blog sites.

So Katie Bella and Cathy Jean - I will be getting in touch with you tomorrow to see what you like and dislike so I can start crafting some mighty fine craft aprons for you. If you didn't win but you want to make your own craft apron, stop by Craft Apple and pick up your own Seamstress Apron pattern!!

"Give The Girl A Name" Contest - UPDATE 4-21-08


Here is who I have for posting on your blogs: Val, Kerri, JillyTacy, Giabella Designs, Dani, CathyJean, Ang, By Light of Moon, Susan, Patty, Tammiemarie, Katie Bella, Sarah, Zoe, Mrscjallen, Quirkykim. If you have posted on your blog but do not see your name, let me know ASAP. I want to make sure you are in the drawing Saturday morning!!! Thanks.

So I have been told that there is a tradition to name a dress form. Seeing as I own one now, she needs a name! To make it fun, let's have a contest. Leave a name suggestion starting TODAY APRIL 15th and ending at midnight on April 25th. To help thank you for naming my girl - I will make a craft apron for the winner from the awesome Craft Apple Seamstress Apron Pattern. I use mine all the time!

Once the winner is announced, I will email you to find out what colors and designs you like and custom make the apron to your interests! Spread the word!!! Good Luck and give my girl a good name! UPDATE: ***Let's make this real fun - post about this contest on your blog and leave another comment on this post telling me you did and I will draw another winner from the people that post and will make another apron for that winner! ***

April 23, 2008

A Swatch of Fabric Swap

Swap-bot swap: A Swatch of Fabric - II
I swap with Swap-bot!

Check out this swap I am involved in. Think of all the fun swatches of fabric to play with. The final day to sign up is April 30th and you have two partners. I think you may have to join the group first! Come join the fun!

April 22, 2008

New Craft Box

I received this Victoria's Secret Box from a swap I was involved in. While everyone LOVES looking at supermodels, I felt I could utilize the box to hold "stuff" I am working with! So, I brought out some scrapbook papers and box tape and set to work. 10 minutes later and minus the ribbons, I have a new craft box. Now - what do I want to put in the box????

I Own A Vintage Apron!!!!

While looking at my new apron book tonight I had quite the surprise that made me want to stand up and scream "HOLY COW", but I was at work, so I didn't. In the A is for apron book the author has a couple pages of vintage aprons. One that I found in the book looks like this:

I found an apron at a thrift store locally and got it for 75 cents. It looked old and like it would need some repair. I hadn't done anything to it yet, but I had thought about tearing it apart and changing it up some. Well, after seeing this in the book, I CAN'T DO IT!!!! I have a great apron at a great find, so I will love the apron in the state that it is in! Crazy!

Great Book Finds

My husband has a second job that is for fun and to support our book habits. He has worked for Barnes and Noble for almost 6 years. The store he works at currently is closing and moving to the outside wall of the mall. They do not move stock over from one store to another, but ship back to the main warehouse. They do want to sell what they can though - which led the store to reach it's 50% off sale this week. YAY!!! I went and spent some time in the craft books seeing if I could find any of my wish list books on sale. I only found two - which for bookstores selling craft books - is pretty good odds. (SIDE CREDIT: I do have to admit whoever orders books for this store does a pretty bang up job of craft book selection - although knitting books way overrun the sewing books - BOOOO!) Anyway - here are the books I found and some of the projects out of them that I can't wait to make. Definitely some books you may want to consider for your own collection. (FUNNY SIDE STORY: As I was looking at the books I spotted The Apron Book by EllynAnne Geisel. I snatched that book up, teeth snarling at anyone near me - in case they thought to rip the book from my hands - only to find someone had put the book on the clearance shelf, but no white sticker was on the book indicating it was a sale item. Oh this cruel, cruel world we live in. What sick individual would do that to a crafter??)


Bottle cap pincushions

A pincushion that looks like an egg!

This beehive pincushion is too cute to put pins in~~~


A more modern approach to a clothespin apron:

I have this material in a light blue - Love it!

This is a child's apron in the book, but I would wear it!

This is the next apron I plan to make myself. I will wear it around town and to bed too!!

Tire Marks Are Decorative, Right?

I have had the opportunity to make some new friends the last couple of days while working on my Pleated Bag Swap. The unfortunate part of that experience is that the bag was making me rip my hair out. Thanks to the wonderful ability of new friends to coach me in a couple of steps with the bag, I am back to seeing the end product. I believe myself to be more of a visual learner, although not 100%. I like to have written out directions, but then I want a picture for every step I am taking. Which in a book would most likely be impossible or a REALLY thick book, but alas, that is how I learn. So, I took a break yesterday from the bag to breathe and give us some time apart. I plan after school and work tonight to enter the craft room with a refreshed and willing attitude to tackle this project. In case this should back fire and I put the bag under my car and run over it a couple of times, I ask the question - "Tire marks are decorative, right?"!!!!!

April 21, 2008

Apronista Giveaway

More contest fun! You can learn about this contest over at the Apronista Blog. Choose an apron you like best and leave a comment. For a second chance at winning, leave a comment on your blog. Good luck! These aprons are too cute!

April 19, 2008

Fat Quarter Project Complete: Project Materials Holder

I did it!!! I made something out of a fat quarter. How amazing! I would have never thought you could do such a thing. I ended up making a project materials holder. Take a look:

I made the holder so it had two individual pockets...........

Like this one...........

But I also put velcro down the middle of the two pockets. The velcro allows me to open the entire pocket to holder bigger projects, patterns or fabric.

I used the rick rack my partner gave with the fabric and thread to make a strap, so if I want to hang the holder I can......................

Or I can lay the holder flat if I want to. I love it! It was really easy to make and ALL from one fat quarter. I am so glad I participated in this swap.

100th Post and A New Seat For The Throne

I have reached my 100th post with this message!! Crazy! Could it be any more fitting that my 100th post would have to do with a cushion I made this afternoon for my craft chair. I have a bar stool chair that I sit in when I sew because I like to be a little higher than my sewing machine. The downside to my chair is that it is plastic. OUCH!!! Hours spent on that chair hurt the tush (even though I have plenty of padding back there - do you hear me girls????). Christy from Sew Much Fabric, Sew Little Time was so generous and sent me some pin up girl material for me to utilize in my craft room. I knew as soon as I saw the fabric that I would make a cushion. I still need to pick up some more stuffing before I can sew the side up and use the cushion, but I at least made it. I won't have to sit on a pillow much longer that hangs WAY over the edges. Here is the process I used to make a cushion:

Cut out two circles (I used a bowl to help me out)

Cut and sew ONLY one end of side strips together. You want the other end open to pull through and turn right side out.

Cut tiny snips around edge of circle and attach with pins. Sew completely around the circle. Once finished with the top of cushion, attach bottom of cushion to strip and repeat.

Once sewn, cushion will look like this. Turn cushion right side out and stuff. Sew up open edge on side. You did it!!!

Now my cushion may seem thick, but I know two things: I want the cushion fluffy and the cushion will flatten as I sit on it!!. Once I run to the store and stuff some more filling inside, I will sew up the edge. I also plan to put a button in the middle on each side to help squeeze it down a little too. What a way to break in my 100th post. Back to work! More projects await completion!

Dress Form Material

I told my mom that I needed to find some material to make a cover for my dress form. I don't want dust to cover it during the times I may not be using it. She ended up surprising me with a delivery from UPS! Check out this cool material that goes perfectly with the dress form! Thanks Mom!!! Does this mean you are hinting that you want me to make you some clothes???

First Name Profile Swap

Not only did I have a great afternoon creating a new wallet for my purse, but when I got home I had a package waiting for me! I participated in the First Name Profile Swap on Swap-Bot. My partner Debbie from Seattle (I so want to live in Seattle or maybe Portland too. I love that part of the US!). Check out what I received:

Here is my name and what matches the letter:

T- Tape (Rosie "We Can Do It" Tape Roll)

R- Retro Liquid Measurement Magnet

A- Aroma (Victoria's Secret sample perfumes)

C- Card (Rosie the Riveter Tin Card)

E- Elephants (Pink Elephant Shot Glasses - too funny)

Y- Yellow (Rosie the Riveter Gift Wrap)

BONUS ITEMS: Spice Girls CD came with the Victoria's Secret sampler. I have been rocking out the Spice Girls tonight thinking back to college days! Good times!!! I also got some yarn type thread and some chocolate candies. Yum!

Thank you so much Debbie for your time and effort into making a package that is all about me. I loved everything in it. I even plan to decorate the Victoria's Secret box and use it in my craft room. Thank you!

April 18, 2008

My New "Best Friend"

Today I met with my Fort Worth Sewing Group and participated in the Girl's Best Friend Wallet sewing event. I made my own wallet. There is some crooked stitching and some imperfections, but for my first wallet ever - LOVE IT!

My Finished Product

My first zipper ever. Pretty easy to do!

Toughest part of the project! Had to turn the entire wallet right side out. Tough!

If you are interested in making this wallet as well, stop by here. The pattern is called Girl's Best Friend Wallet. Took about 3 hours to do. Our organizer had the material cut and interfacing attached - so add that in your time frame! Let me know if any of you make this and send me an email with some photos. I would love to see what your wallet looks like.

April 15, 2008

BTR Bag - More Embroidery Success!!!

I am almost finished with the embroidery part of my BTR handbag. I won't get to start sewing until Saturday! I took the embroidery part with me to work tonight since it was a quiet night. The unfortunate part of my evening is that one of my favorite residents at the Independent/Assisted Living Community I work at passed away this morning. One of the other residents who normally sits with me in the evenings and keeps me company is in the hospital. So, I went from two guests spending the evening with me to no one. I found the embroidery to be a useful distraction for the loneliness of the evening. I added french knots to the end of each row. I am totally addicted to french knots now. This was my first time to ever make a french knot and now I am afraid I may go crazy with them. Here is a picture of the progress:

A Girl's Best Friend Wallet

My sewing group that I meet monthly here in the Fort Worth area is a blast! I love getting together with all these talented women. We are meeting this Friday to sew a wallet from a pattern that our organizer made and loved. I will post the pattern name after our meeting on Friday in case you want to purchase it and make one yourself! Here are the preview pictures of the one she made. She did a fantastic job, huh? If you have a sewing group of your own and would like to do this as well - here is what we are doing. Sabrina, our organizer, has the material already cut out and ready to go - and we pay $10.00 to help cover the cost of the material. Great idea! I will post mine on Friday. Wish me luck. I have never made a wallet!

Bend the Rules Beginnings

I finally got a chance this evening to sit down and cut out all the fabric for the Bend the Rules Swap. I didn't expect to get most of the embroidery completed as well, but that was a bonus. I still need to add some french knots on the embroidery, but those of you working on the bag know that no progress comes until the embroidery is done. Not to mention this is my FIRST time embroidering, so I am pleased with the progress!!! I may not get another chance to touch this bag until Saturday due to some papers and projects due for school! What a relief to have the bag started though!! Here are some pics of the fabrics I am using and the embroidery pattern I used.

The fabric may seem almost gray, but it is actually a light brown. Weird how my camera makes it look gray.

April 14, 2008

Check out this craft apron!

I have made a friend through the crafting community and she is an absolute delight. You must go and take a peek at her craft apron she made recently. Kerri - found at her blog Kerri Made - was too sweet to post my blog on her site in reference to my craft apron I made from the Craft Apple pattern. She thought up her own design and it is adorable. If anyone else has a craft apron you use, let me know. I would be glad to post a picture or link on my blog for others to see! I love meeting new crafters! Great job Kerri and thanks for your friendship!

Technorati Success!

Thank you to all of you who have linked to my blog from your own websites and blogs. I have been able to reach an authority ranking of 11 from technorati!! That is so great. It blows my mind every time I log into my blog and see more and more people reading my blogs. Thank you for being interested in what I like to do for fun!!! I started on the big list of sewing blogs at rank number 180 and have made my way down to 112 thanks to all of you. If you don't have your blog added on technorati, consider adding it. You can see who links to your blogs. I was even added on to a handbag blog just for blogging about making a handbag for the Bend the Rules Swap. Crazy! Thanks again and I hope the blogs continue to interest all of you!

April 11, 2008

Let the Clothes Making Begin!!

Much to my surprise..... my dress form arrived today. For the first time in my life - I was pleased that my dog would not stop barking this morning as I was on the computer. When I opened the door to show him that nothing was there...... well, something was there. GOOD DOG!! The delivery guy never rang the door bell. There would have been some serious smackdown action if that dress form had gone missing!!! I have assembled it and taken a picture of it. I am keep the plastic over it until I have some time to sew a cover for it. Must keep the dust off of it! Too bad I can't play with it this weekend - but next week - I am definitely playing with it! Have a great weekend everyone. Hope to post something up here again on Sunday. Get crafting!
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