August 3, 2008

I Am A Lucky Girl!!

Have you ever had a week where you just wonder "How do I get out of the twilight zone?". Well, I had one of those weeks. First the plague hit a couple of weeks ago, then my mom called saying my grandpa was feeling well (he is doing better now but still needs some happy thoughts and prayers), and then I injure my back somehow. I couldn't move my left arm last night, and thank goodness I could move it more today.

Then (and this is actually funny) I fell out of my explorer today. My foot got caught in my bag and I hit my knee on the door and almost planted my face on the car next to mine! That was actually funny. I screamed out "Son of A" and then remembered we were at the grocery store and children are around. Close your eyes and picture it (see - it makes you laugh - doesn't it?)

Then I received the Arte Y Pico award.... AGAIN! How can a girl be so lucky as to have TWO people in the crafting community consider my little blog creative and deserving. What a great way to exit the Twilight Zone. Stop by and check out Aunt Pitty Pat's blog!!! You can visit for her kind and generous summary of my blog. Thanks Aunt Pitty Pat - you are quite the creative gal yourself!!!


  1. oh...yikes....and great too about the award. I got it twice in a row really DOES make your day! I hope the rest of the week is better.

  2. Oh, Tracey!
    I hope you aren't too hurt and yes, I'm sorry but I did laugh while reading it :) That's because I have done the same thing. Now I am very careful about where the strap of my purse is.

  3. I did laugh with you about your mishap! I'm glad you had a sense of humor about it and the award to turn things around. Congratulations!


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