August 3, 2008

Yee Haw and Move Them Out (Buttons That Is)

Here is the apron I made for the Hittin the Trail swap led by our fearless leader and my wonderful friend Val:

It is actually made out of red fabric (although the one picture looks orange). I had to turn the flash off on the one photo because the shine from the rhinestones kept interfering!! I used Alexander Henry's Sagebrush Sweetheart fabric and some polka dot fabric from JoAnn. I added Osnaburg fabric because I wanted a burlap look (but didn't want my partner to be getting exfoliated every time she wore the apron!!!!) I then glued rhinestones on. Not very practical - I know - but who can have a cowgirl apron without rhinestones????

Now on to buttons:

My button barrettes are now complete thanks to Amy Karol and Sew Simple. I have them resting and drying as you read this:

After I glued the buttons onto the metal barrettes (which will go in the handy holders I made from Sew Simple- I decided to tape them down to give them extra support. I can't wait to show you the final product. They will be done drying tomorrow night!!!

So- you want to make your own covered buttons? They are so easy that I feel so ridiculous for being intimidated by the process. Here is how easy it is:

1. Buy the kit from your local craft store (go JoAnn's - sorry - a girl has to be loyal)

2. Cut a circle out of the fabric of your choice. A circle can be found on the back of the kit you buy to cut out. How awesome is that????

3. Place your circle in the middle of the white button maker.

4. Take the metal circle button piece and place in the middle too. Push down into the button case.

5. Smush the fabric sticking up down......

6. Using the back metal piece of your button and push down with the blue pusher downer piece that comes in the kit ( I know... I am using such technical words!!!)

7. Turn the button maker over and push on the bottom to get the button out.

8. And you are finished!!!!

See how a girl could consider button making addicting and fun. I even had my husband make one today. He didn't seem to have the same enthusiastic response as I did. Guess he just doesn't get it!

Off to finish another apron and some tote bags!!


  1. I love those buttons....may have to give it a try. As for the is so 'rawhide-alicious'
    in other ROCKS!

  2. Those are sooo cute! Thanks for the tut ~ going to make some. I could see this becoming a new addiction. heehee :)


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