August 14, 2008

Vacation Here I Come!!!!

Tomorrow starts my official vacation until the 23rd!! I made it! I will have very little contact with my email and blog (Oh the horror and the anxiety!!!). Any left over We The People Swap items will be dealt with when I get home. If by friday the 22nd you still have not received a bag - please email me and I will get in touch with your partner and figure it out!!! In the mean time- get ready for the second installment of We The People Swap!! I will be starting sign ups on -Sunday, August 24th - after the results are in from YOUR votes - how exciting. I am hitting a fabric store while on vacation, so keep your fingers crossed that I find LOTS of good stuff. I will miss you all and will have so much to catch up with on all of your blogs. No making Fabulous creations until I get home and have a chance to ooooh and aaaaaah.

Today was also my last day at JoAnn. I had such a fabulous summer there and met such wonderful people - probably the best JoAnn team EVER!!!
I also will be hosting a giveaway soon after my return. I am a few posts away from my 200th! Watch for more details!!

Okay, off to work for 7 hours and then to some major packing. Yay!


  1. Have a great vacation! I hope your blog and internet withdrawal symptoms aren't too bad! Have fun!

  2. Tracey,
    You sound excited and you should be!! Have a GREAT time!!! you deserve it.


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