August 27, 2008

Vacation Highlights and A giveaway

I forgot to tell you that I visited the most AWESOME fabric store EVER in San Francisco on vacation. Thanks to everyone who suggested I stop by Britex. My husband got the giggles at my face. He said I was walking around in awe and amazement. The notions floor....... spectacular! I set a limit to what I could spend and good thing I did. A girl could do some real damage in there!

Other fun stuff...... I saw Gary Bussey at Disneyland. What a star sighting. My husband and I are big fans of the show The Soup and he loves to play the clip where Gary threatened an interviewer with ripping her endocrine system out. So, here we are at Disney - someone bumps into me slightly - I say excuse me a bit sarcastically and look at my assaulter. Gary Bussey! Yeah - I quickly ran to my husband and we were behind him going into a line at Disney. We looked at each other and smiled. After he walked off a different direction from us, my husband and I looked at each other and said, "I should rip out your endocrine system". Evidence that we spend too much time together watching The Soup!!

I have reached my 200th post a few back already. My problem is that I can't decide what to giveaway. Once I get back this weekend from visiting with my husband's grandmother, I will make a decision and post it next week.

I have started school again, and I start my first field hours next week (400 by mid December must be completed - holy cow!!!) - plus work. So, if I am a little slower than normal to respond, I am not ignoring you - just working like crazy!


  1. Ok, if I am first to comment without even knowing what the prize is, do I get extra credit?! hehehe

    I have no idea what the soup is, I know what soup is - it's a watery meal, or another name for smog (as in pea soup). But the soup...nope. I'm lost there. :D

    I have to know what you've bought from the fabric store...have to or I might have a funny turn!

  2. Sounds like a fun vacation. Time with your hubby and a star sighting to boot. Wow!
    Congrats on your 200th post!


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