October 6, 2008

I want to make a quilt like this!!

I am not much of a quilt maker - I think because I have to see some major progress when I make my projects. Patience is not my best virtue!! I have started a easy quilt and I will share that in just a moment. As I have been perusing quilts on different craft blogs, I stumbled upon this one:

I just can't stop staring at this quilt and all I want to do is grab a great book and spread this quilt out in the park and just read on a sunny day. To see more phenomenal quilts - visit this craft blog: A Quilt Is Nice.

I got a great example of an easy type of quilt - kind of a beginners step to assembling a quilt. I follow Anna Maria Horner's Website and she had this great quilt she made for her daughter. Check out this cute quilt:

So to add more into this blog, I LOVE Heather Bailey fabrics and chose this bright happy one for my quilt to make like Anna Maria did. You can see that I have stitched around the flowers, but it may be harder to see I stitched around the big design in the middle. I plan to stitch around my other big ones a bit further out so you can see it better.

I can't wait to finish this quilt and use it!! It is so bright and happy. It may take me until the end of the year or beginning of the year to complete this quilt, but it is going to be so great in the spring time!!!


  1. I REALLY like that zig zag quilt...and it doesnt seem to difficult to make once it is broken down like that. Your quilt looks great. I like the subtle stitching and cant wait to see it with the binding!

  2. Now I want to make a quilt. It will probably take me a couple of years to finish, I'm sure.

    As for the owl fabric. I had a hard time finding it myself, but finally managed to pick up a 1/2 yard on Etsy.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful and looks like handstitching! It's probably a nice thing to work on while sitting at the tv in the evenings? I really admire quilter's - I have similar thoughts to yours about lack of patience! :)


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