January 24, 2009

Catching Up!!

I haven't posted some of my items lately and will be posting more over the next two days. First, I need to show you what I spent my Christmas $ on/Christmas Gifts:

I got the first 4 books with Christmas $, I won Alicia Paulson's book in a blog giveaway (yahoo!!!), and the last two were gifts from my husband. Awesome Christmas huh?

The first book is still with Christmas money and the other 5 I got at used book stores here in town for a few bucks a piece. Who doesn't love a good book store????

On the WTP 4 swap, I have picked out the material. It may look crazy now, but I promise you it will look great together. If you knew my partner for the swap, you would definitely say she would love this. She is bright and bubbly, so I think it will fit her perfectly!!


Three aprons I am finishing up and 16 hearts I am almost done with for a swap!! I am going out of town next weekend and training for 9 days, so I have to get all my swaps finished and mailed before I can leave!!

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  1. hey! I didn't know you crochet.......I've got a few of those books and they are great...especially the Happy Hooker's Stitch n Bitch....


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