January 4, 2009

My craft room now.....

How things can change in a year!!! You can't see on the bottom of the baker's rack due to the bed being in the way, but I have fabric stored down there too. Sewing has taken over the spare bedroom. If you have links to your craft room, leave a link in the comments for me to check out your creative space!! Hopefully mine isn't too crowded for you!!! It seems there is always more to put in there!


  1. What did you cover the desk with? I love it!

  2. wow - you have soooooo much fabric lurking about on those shelves! I wish I had a proper room, instead of a corner of the kitchen and what should be the pantry, plus the dining table when my desk is too crowded (like now!)

  3. great craft area! you should see my space....here:

    i will be dramatically reducing this to create space in our home for baby #4


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