January 3, 2009

Pimp My Craft Space!!!

While reflecting on the 2008 year and all the changes made in our life last year, I remembered how different my life was last year at this time. I had left my HORRIBLE job in November of 2007 and began searching for a new job. We were okay financially because my husband had his job. The next thing I knew - my husband came home saying his company was letting everyone go by February 1, 2008. My life stopped and I began to FREAK. Now both of us were going to be unemployed, I was going on horrible job interviews and praying I didn't have to take another horrible job, I was thinking I may have to stop my schooling and I began to hit myself in the head for not having a better savings account.

We ended up making it!! I got hired a couple weeks later at my current company where I was just promoted. My husband went from his company - who worked for another company as vendors - to the company he used to vendor for starting February 1! Things were tight during the year and things had to be cancelled and rearranged in our lives.

During all of this, I began this little craft blog - assuming mainly my family and friends could look in and see what sorry attempts I was making at sewing. To my surprise, I was decent at sewing and suddenly I began making friends on other blogs.

I am so thankful for all of you - my friends across the world - and for your talents and inspirational stories and crafts that you do every day! I know this year and the economy is starting off difficult for many like ours did last year. My encouragement to you is to say we will make it. While none of us enjoy the economy tanking and the threats of job loss daily - the crafting community is seeing a boost in people realizing "we can make stuff and they are items I like and that fit me!".
My grandpa passed away just a couple months ago in October and it was a difficult loss for myself and my mom. The thing I remember most about him is the incredible work shed he had and how he loved to work with wood. Then after numerous heart surgeries and health complications, he had to cut back on his craft and it became non-existent toward the end of his life. I want to spend every moment this year in my craft with the same passion and fulfillment as my grandpa did with his woodworking.
I wanted to end this post with photos of my craft room when I first started sewing last January. Tomorrow - I want to post photos of my room now. Not to say - Look at all I bought - but to celebrate the difficult moments in our household last year that led me to a fabulous hobby and lifelong friends!!! Happy 2009 and may your year be a time of inspiration and enjoyment in whatever craft you may enjoy! May you surround yourself with moments that bring you joy and happiness this year! Craft on, kids!!!!


  1. Wow, I forgot your craft table started out like this. You sure have added on to this craft (which your pics will show when you post!)

  2. Isn't this world amazing? Blogging has been such an inspiration for me- I've met so many wonderful people.

    I LOVE your table- how did you do that?

  3. what a big difference! Mine is more cluttered right now. Since I started swapping, I tend to hold on to things that I think would make cute 'packaging.'
    I love the post itself because it is how I feel about starting my own crafty blog so thanks for being my bloggy friend too!


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