March 11, 2009 it me your looking for???

I have not left the country!!! It is the week before spring break. I have two tests and a HUGE paper due for a class. All by Thursday. After that - I have a couple days to catch up on here. I should have some new photos by the end of this weekend!! I plan to sew some over spring break, but my biggest plan is to work on some other school assignments so I can be ahead of the game instead of behind!!! I have barely kept my head above water the last month, so I am changing up the game plan and trying to float rather than drown!!!! Check back for updates soon- including some yarn photos from my mom for my birthday present. I turn 32 on Thursday! Where did the time go???? I feel like I was 22 just yesterday!


  1. What a nice mom you have! hee hee!

    I am proud of how you are working full time and going to school full time. You are going to be a great Social Worker.

    Thanks for taking time in your busy schedule to come home and spend some time with me! (Is that enough of a kiss up to get my apron moved up on the list????)

  2. I enjoyed our visit...I can tell you have so much on your plate and hope that Spring Break is a time for rest and catching up! I've been staring at your bag for too long now...will make some progress this weekend. OXOXOXO

  3. Tracey, hello are you there? School, hard work and great accomplishes will happen for you. Please go to my blog...I have called you friend and tagged you for the "honesty" post.


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