March 28, 2009

New Craft I Am Thinking About Selling!!!

I was out on the town not too long ago and saw a girl with a bracelet on. I was obsessed with the bracelet instantly. She had taken some magazine clippings and words from a magazine and glued them to a bracelet. It got me thinking that maybe I could take some of my favorite lines from movies and books and make my own!! And I did! I went and bought a used Pride and Prejudice book and got to work. Here's the outcome:

I am thinking of putting some in my Etsy shop. I think maybe as custom orders. Nothing would be worse than making a few and no one buying any!!!! Pretty cool, huh?

I forgot to mention earlier that I am going to be putting some fabric for sale in my Etsy shop. I have too much and have to clear out some. I do have quite a bit that looks like country (good for quilting). If you are a quilter, you may want to check it out. I will have some other type of fabrics in there too. All the fabric should be uploaded by tomorrow morning! Pass the word. I have to clear some space in my craft room!!!


  1. These are VERY cute! I would buy one!

  2. Hi Tracey:

    I love it!!! I'd totally wear it. :):):) I'd want mine to have something about the band Evanescence or Nickelback or MCR, they're awesome!!! :):):)


  3. My daughter is studying Pride & Prejudice for her Higher School Certificate. I think her whole class would buy one!


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