March 18, 2009

It's ALIVE!!!!

Yes, I am still here. Want to see what I have been up to lately?

Yarn from my mom for my birthday! Nice!!!

Birthday celebration with some close friends. We had so much fun that we forgot it was a work night. We had to go home and go to bed just when the fun was starting!!

We went with our friends to see the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Art Museum. SO neat!

I am inclusive!!!! Look how friendly I look too!

I didn't want to have to carry a purse around our 4 day weekend, so I made a hip bag at 1 in the morning. Late - I know - Totally fashionable - worth every late night minute!!

I received some fat quarters from the Netherlands - AWESOME fabrics!

I received another envelope of fat quarters!

A box of hearts came to use as decorations for Valentine's Day or other holidays!! They turned out great, ladies!

This was a room at the Art Museum. You would stand at the end of the tunnel and anyone at the end of the tunnel in the orange light turned black and white. We went into the room and I couldn't get over how awesome it was that I looked like I was in a old Lucy movie! You can see the camera did not see black and white. Weird how light plays with our eyes!

My husband dressed up and took me out for my birthday evening. I bought him the hat. He doesn't love it but he doesn't hate it. It probably doesn't help that I call him chap when he wears the hat!!!!
I am almost done with the Weekender bag for Bree but I still have to complete the bag for my friend Sarah. Baby steps!!
I should hopefully have some more to show you at the end of this weekend. Man, that four day weekend was great! Wish I had another one waiting for me!


  1. I'm sorry, I lost your e-mail. I have been such a flake and have forgotten to tell you that I have mailed out my FQ swap and received mine.
    BTW love the cute purse/belt- so much better than a fanny pack (haha) yet very practical!

  2. Tracey...go to my blog please! I chose you to "Be Honest."

  3. too cute! Happy Birthday!!!

  4. yarn looks yummmmmmmm

    Happy Birthday!

  5. The Hip-Bag is great, I going to try that


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