February 1, 2011

Sassy Apron

As we all know, I suffer greatly from a condition known as "I can make that" syndrome. Why buy something I can easily make? The problem is.... I don't have enough time to make EVERYTHING!!

Then - every once in awhile - you get on Etsy (bad decision for the bank account) and you see someone else's handicraft and you are in awe. That is how I feel about Sassy Aprons. Her aprons are incredible. I pride myself on some of the aprons I have made. Sometimes you have to just say "I can't make that like she can, and I want one!!" For years I have stalked her aprons and just couldn't find the one I wanted.

And then...... this one appeared.
Check out the bow!!!

I had Christmas money left over and did a dance..... I immediately purchased the apron. I LOVE the Alexander Henry print "Bird Seed". So much so that my knitting bag is made from this and I ordered a crochet needle carrier from the ever talented Coyote Craft in Bird Seed. I haven't used the apron yet to cook. I think that is a problem with apron lovers - I love my aprons - what if I get sauce on them!! I know, I know - put it on and make something. I will soon. If I can just get Greta (my dressform) would stop wearing it!

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