December 27, 2011

Christmas Quilt Bust

I had hoped to make a quilt for my mother-in -law and it was a bust.  I still have a few blocks remaining from the attempt.  I will probably make them into mini quilts.  My free motion quilting is still lacking.   I read some other blogs that said to keep practicing and relax.  I am improving, but I think the bulk of a quilt is intimidating the first few times. I stepped away from the frustration and will keep practicing. I am start a new quilt for my MIL and will pay someone to FMQ the quilt. I figure the top is made by me and I will bind it, so the quilt is still mostly put together by me!

Here are the blocks leftover from the quilt that I started with:

I think they will make some cute mini quilts.  Maybe I can at least give one of them to my MIL.  The new quilt I think will be a bit more traditional and a different color scheme. I don't want to say to much so the quilt is a surprise to my MIL.  I should have the new quilt posted in a couple weeks!

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